Climate change: science and solutions for Australia

Climate change: science and solutions for Australia Edited Book

  • Author(s): Helen Cleugh, Mark Stafford Smith, Michael Battaglia, Paul Graham
  • Published: 2011
  • Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
  • ISBN: 9780643100534 (pbk.)

Abstract: Climate change is the greatest ecological, economic, and social challenge of our time. Climate change research over many years shows links between human activities and warming of the atmosphere and oceans. This warming has caused changes to the climate system, such as changes in rain and wind patterns, and reductions in Arctic sea ice. Climate change adaptation involves taking action to adapt to climate change and to plan and prepare for the risk of future change. Climate change mitigation refers to actions that aim to limit greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, either by reducing emissions or by increasing the amount of carbon dioxide stored in natural sinks. This book is an accessible guide to underpin decisions that need to be made in business, in government, and in general to respond to the challenges of climate change. It is an important resource for: • business community leaders • federal, state and local government members • researchers and academics involved or interested in climate change science, adaptation and mitigation • educators and media • general public with an interest in climate change science. This publication provides the latest scientific knowledge on a series of climate change topics relevant to Australia and the world. It draws on peer-reviewed literature contributed to by thousands of researchers. Foreword Megan Clark. . v List of authors. .vii Acknowledgements. . viii Introduction Bruce Mapstone. . ix Chapter 1. Observations of global and Australian climate Karl Braganza and John A Church. . 1 Chapter 2. Climate and greenhouse gases Michael Raupach and Paul Fraser. . 15 Chapter 3. Future Australian climate scenarios Penny Whetton. . 35 Chapter 4. Climate change impacts Kevin Hennessy. .45 Chapter 5. Adaptation: reducing risk, gaining opportunity Mark Stafford Smith and Andrew Ash. .59 Chapter 6. Adapting to heatwaves and coastal flooding Xiaoming Wang and Ryan RJ McAllister. . 73 Chapter 7. Adapting agriculture to climate change Chris Stokes and Mark Howden. . 85 Chapter 8. Greenhouse gas mitigation: sources and sinks in agriculture and forestry Michael Battaglia. .97 Chapter 9. Mitigation strategies for energy and transport Jim Smitham, Jenny Hayward, Paul Graham, and John Carras. . 109 Chapter 10. Reducing energy demand: the imperative for behavioural change Peta Ashworth. . 127 Chapter 11. Responding to a changing climate Helen Cleugh, Mark Stafford Smith, Michael Battaglia, and Paul Graham. . 135

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