Can telepharmacy provide pharmacy services in the bush?

Can telepharmacy provide pharmacy services in the bush? Journal Article

Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare

  • Author(s): Nissen, Lisa, Tett, Susan
  • Published: 2003
  • Volume: 9

Abstract: Rural and remote community pharmacies service large areas of rural Queensland, and because of the distances involved often do not meet the patients for whom they provide medication. Telepharmacy would improve the quality of pharmaceutical services provided in rural and remote areas, by allowing community pharmacists to have realtime contact with dispensing doctors, aboriginal health workers and patients via a video-phone. We used commercial (analogue) videophones to connect community pharmacists to dispensing doctors, patients in depot pharmacies (i.e. those with no pharmacist) and aboriginal health workers. However, various problems occurred and only 10 video-phone interactions were recorded during the six-month project. In all of the recorded interactions, the video-phone was actually used as a conventional telephone because a video-connection could not be established at the time of the call. (This may have been due to telephone network problems in the rural areas.) Despite these problems, all project participants showed great enthusiasm for the potential benefits of such a service.

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