Between a rock and a hard place: Economic policy and the employment outlook for indigenous Australians

Between a rock and a hard place: Economic policy and the employment outlook for indigenous Australians Book

  • Author(s): Gregory, R. G.
  • Published: 2005
  • Publisher: University of Sydney

Abstract: This timely collection of articles explores some of the most pressing issues confronting both Australia's Indigenous peoples and Australia as a nation. In the current period of economic strength, Indigenous peoples have found themselves increasingly struggling to develop economic opportunities and to ensure the viability of their social and cultural lives. This volume brings together Indigenous and non-Indigenous contributors from a range of disciplines and experiences. Focussing primarily on remote Australia, they bring together the whole range of issues and concerns which need to be addressed. Contents Introduction. Culture, economy and governance / Diane Austin-Broos Part I. History of initiatives - What can pre-colonial and frontier economies tell us about engagement with the real economy?: indigenous life projects and the conditions of development / Nicolas Peterson - Indigenous art as economy / Howard Morphy - Land rights and local economies: the Gagudju Association and the mirage of collective self-determination / Robert Levitus - Mining projects in remote Australia: sites for the articulation and contesting of economic and cultural futures / David Trigger Part II. Indigenous disadvantage - Indigenous educational disadvantage / Janet Mooney - The role of discrimination and the exclusion of indigenous people from the labour market / Boyd Hunter - Contested debates about citizenship rights to welfare: indigenous people and welfare in Australia / Bettina Cass Part III. Economic futures - The indigenous labour market and regional industry / John Taylor - Economic futures on Aboriginal land in remote and very remote Australia: hybrid economies and joint ventures / Jon Altman - Between a rock and a hard place: economic policy and the employment outlook for indigenous Australia / Bob Gregory Part IV. Education and community governance - 'Learning lessons': a retrospective / Tess Lea - Education and community / Jerry Schwab - Households and community governance / Diane Smith - Governance, cultural appropriateness and accountability within the context of indigenous self-determination / David Martin Part V. Institutions and economy - CDEP and ATSIC as bold experiments in governing differently: but where to now? / Will Sanders - The indigenous sector / Tim Rowse - Indigenous organizations and economic development / Larissa Behrendt

Notes: Series Title: Culture, economy and governance in Aboriginal Australia Series Editors: Austin-Broos, D. and Macdonald, G.

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