Baby sharks in the desert: Lotta’ little lights everywhere

Baby sharks in the desert: Lotta’ little lights everywhere Journal Article

Rural Society

  • Author(s): Holmes, Catherine
  • Published: 2020
  • Publisher: Routledge
  • ISBN: 1037-1656

Abstract: The use of digital technology by young remote First Nations Australians remains under-investigated. This research followed the everyday lives of 30 birth-to-aged 6-year-old children from three distinct and diverse remote communities in the Ngaanyatjarra and Pintupi region of the Western Desert. This article explores the intertwined nature of new cultural variations, such as digital technology in daily life, and the acquisition and transmission of cultural practices and processes. Whilst digital technology is in proliferation, argument is made that, regardless of the influx of digital devices and access, 'traditional' (First Nations systems) childhood socialisation values and practices remain relatively unchanged. Despite exposure to Western digital technologies, findings indicate Ngaanyatjarra and Pintupi practices, values, morals and dispositions are not being replaced by 'modern' culture. Further, exploring youngsters' digital technology use may shed light on cultural variations to First Nations socialisation practices and core societal values.

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