Arguing the Intervention: Special Issue – Journal of Indigenous Policy

Arguing the Intervention: Special Issue – Journal of Indigenous Policy Journal Article

Journal of Indigenous Policy

  • Author(s): Altman, Jon
  • Published: 2013
  • Publisher: Journal of Indigenous Policy
  • Volume: 14

Abstract: Contents: Introduction Budgeting for all Australians, Except the Indigenous Ones Yet Another Failed Howard Experiment in Indigenous Affairs? Stabilise, Normalise and Exit = $4 billion. Cheap at the Price? A Drift Towards Disaster (with John Taylor) Scrapping CDEP is Just Dumb, Dumb, Dumb The Paradoxes of Mainstreaming Indigenous Australians Land Rights Revisited: Good Politics but Terrible Public Policy The NT Intervention is Unravelling Neo-Paternalism: Reflections on the Northern Territory Intervention Can We Ever ‘Close the Gaps’ in Indigenous Outcomes? Watch the Gap—Indigenous Policy Focus Needs Change Closing the Gap Rhetoric Buys into Howard Legacy Reflections on the NT Intervention—One Year On Understanding the Blue Mud Bay Decision The Forrest Plan: Have They Thought This Through? Killing CDEP Softly? Reforming Workfare in Remote Australia NT Intervention: Macklin Ignores Review Board in Favour of Anecdotes The New ‘Quiet Revolution’ in Indigenous Affairs Understanding the Maningrida High Court Challenge A Nation Building and Jobs Plan for Indigenous Australia A Racist Intervention Budget Status Quo Will Just Widen the Gaps No Movement on the Outstations After the NT Intervention: Violence up, Malnutrition up, Truancy up NT Intervention Three Years on: Government’s Progress Report is Disturbing W(h)ither Remote Indigenous Economic Development? Debunking the Cultural Theory Myth Debating the Intervention (with contributions from Jenny Macklin) Important Questions for Indigenous Policy Makers Yes, No, Maybe… Prime Minister Helping the Homelands A New Intervention? The Cunning of Consultation Developing the Aborigines Stronger Futures Juggernaut Hits a Few Potholes Another Decade for Homelands Policy Debacle Five Years On ... NT Communities are still not ‘Normalised’ Hope-Less Futures? (with Melinda Hinkson) In for a Penny, In for a Pound

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