Agriculture as a human endeavour

Agriculture as a human endeavour Book Section

Agriculture and Resilience in Australia’s North: A Lived Experience

  • Author(s): Noble, Keith, Dennis, Tania, Larkins, Sarah
  • Secondary Author(s): Noble, Keith, Dennis, Tania, Larkins, Sarah
  • Published: 2019
  • Publisher: Springer Singapore
  • ISBN: 978-981-13-8355-7

Abstract: This book is set in and specifically relates to Northern Australia, but it is not a story of Northern Australia. It is a story of the people who both live and farm there, and their resilience strategies to cope with the region’s inherent social and physical uncertainties. A dominant agricultural paradigm operates in Australia (and many other parts of the developed world) that is in keeping with Descartes insistence that facts and values must be kept in separate worlds, and so agricultural discussions are often in the context of facts, figures, yields, production schedules, contribution to GDP, seasonal forecasts and return on investment. Talk of humanity in agriculture is often missing or discounted to a subheading, particularly when new development is the focus. This is social research and as such stands at the intersection of a number of disciplines in an attempt to ground individuals, and the events that affect them, into the broader social context of humanity.

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