Adult access to dental care, rural and remote dwellers

Adult access to dental care, rural and remote dwellers Report

  • Author(s): Stewart, JF, Carter, KD, Brennan, DS
  • Published: 1998
  • Publisher: The University of Adelaide
  • Volume: AIHW Cat. No. DEN 41

Abstract: This report examines oral health and access issues relating to Australian adults living in rural and remote locations. Findings at the population level are presented from the series of National Dental Telephone Interview Surveys, and the associated Dental Satisfaction Surveys conducted in 1994, 1995 and 1996. These data include adults who have a government concession card (who may be eligible for public-funded dental care), and those who do not. The findings are not restricted by time since last dental visit, and include adults who have not made a recent dental visit. Population estimates are presented on oral health status, access to services, social impact and economic factors, and dental satisfaction. Findings are also presented for Australian adults who reported that they possessed or were covered by a government concession card which would allow them to access public-funded dental care. The same indicators which were used for the general population were also reported in the chapter which is specifically related to card-holders. Also presented are findings related to patients receiving public-funded dental care. These data were obtained from the Prospective Adult Dental Programs Survey in 1995–96. Public-funded dental care may include care provided at public dental clinics as well as care provided by private practitioners to eligible patients that is paid for by public funds. Estimates are presented on the type of care received, oral health status, and services provided.

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Stewart, JF, Carter, KD, Brennan, DS, 1998, Adult access to dental care, rural and remote dwellers, Volume:AIHW Cat. No. DEN 41, Report, viewed 06 December 2023,

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