A brief history of linguistics in the Northern Territory

A brief history of linguistics in the Northern Territory Book Section

Stephen Harris—Writer, Educator, Anthropologist: Kantriman Blanga Melabat (Our Countryman)

  • Author(s): Black, Paul, Devlin, Brian Clive
  • Secondary Author(s): Devlin, Brian Clive, Kinslow-Harris, Joy, Friedman Devlin, Nancy Regine, Harris, Jane Elizabeth
  • Published: 2022
  • Publisher: Springer Nature Singapore
  • ISBN: 978-981-16-8648-1

Abstract: In Charles Darwin University 1985 a paper by Stephen Harris and Beth Graham pointed out a number of ways in which linguistic research could contribute to bilingual educationBilingual education, with which they were concerned in a Northern Territory (NT) context. The present paper attempts to provide a brief history of linguistic (and other language) research in the NT to examine the extent to which linguists (and others) have indeed been making such contributions. It begins by considering the various work on NT languages before the 1960s, the increased focus on NT languages during the 1960s, the impact of the coming of bilingual education in the 1970s, the heyday and then decline of bilingual education in the 1980s, the impact of the new Northern Territory University in the 1990s, and subsequent developments.

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