Yuendumu: Jardawarnpa Story

Yuendumu: Jardawarnpa Story Films

Stories inLand

  • Author(s): LaFlamme, M
  • Secondary Author(s): LaFlamme, M
  • Tertiary Author(s): LaFlamme, M
  • Published: 2010
  • Publisher: PAW Media

Abstract: It had just rained, and these women are sitting by a creek with water. They all belong to different parts of a big story – how the snake dreaming travelled from the south, through this long creek right up to the sea at Maningrida. They are helping each other map the places in the sand, name those places, decide which area they will sing each song from and sing the songs.

  • Publisher Location: Alice Springs
  • Work Type: Video slide show
  • Keywords: Stories inLand, yuendumu, Warlpiri, Jardawarnpa, Aboriginal people, snake dreaming

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