Yuendumu: Honey Ant Hunting

Yuendumu: Honey Ant Hunting Films

Stories inLand

  • Author(s): LaFlamme, M
  • Secondary Author(s): LaFlamme, M
  • Tertiary Author(s): LaFlamme, M
  • Published: 2010
  • Publisher: PAW Media

Abstract: The women bring the young girls to teach them what season and what time to go hunting for honeyants, using 'new technology': a crowbar, billy can and shovel. A lot of people makes the search easier, under the dry mulga trees. They talk about how the trees, the ants and the weather give hints about how to find honeyants, and who belongs to that dreaming. They teach the young girls how to eat the 'bum parts', where the honey is.

  • Publisher Location: Alice Springs
  • Work Type: Video slide show
  • Keywords: Stories inLand, yuendumu, Warlpiri, honey ant, Aboriginal people

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