Laramba: Bush Medicine

Laramba: Bush Medicine Films

Stories inLand

  • Author(s): LaFlamme, M
  • Secondary Author(s): LaFlamme, M
  • Tertiary Author(s): LaFlamme, M
  • Published: 2010
  • Publisher: PAW Media

Abstract: Three senior women describe many uses of bush medicine, from tree bark, roots, needles, ants, leaves, grass, fruit and tree sap. They describe how to prepare these medicines by boiling them in water to drink, boiling them in oil to rub on skin, turning them to charcoal to rub on skin and drinking sap straight from the tree.

  • Publisher Location: Alice Springs
  • Work Type: Video slide show
  • Keywords: Stories inLand, Laramba, Aboriginal people, Bush food, Bush medicine

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