Lajamanu: Walya – Land

Lajamanu: Walya – Land Films

Stories inLand

  • Author(s): LaFlamme, M
  • Secondary Author(s): LaFlamme, M
  • Tertiary Author(s): LaFlamme, M
  • Published: 2010
  • Publisher: PAW Media

Abstract: Four men from three skin groups (Jangala, Jakamarra and Jupurrurla) teach the old and new Warlpiri names and skin names of 35 plants and insects to young Japanangka and Jupurrurla men. Additional information shared includes plant uses (e.g. as food, medicine, shelter; for making tools; or as indicators of water), and details of seasonal changes to the plant and songs.

  • Publisher Location: Alice Springs
  • Work Type: Video slide show
  • Keywords: Stories inLand, Lajamanu, walya, land, Warlpiri, bush medicine, bush food, aboriginal people

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