Bush Resources: Opportunities for Aboriginal Enterprise in Central Australia

Bush Resources: Opportunities for Aboriginal Enterprise in Central Australia Project Resources

DKCRC Research Report

  • Author(s): Morse, J
  • Published: 2005
  • Publisher: Central Land Council & Desert Knowledge CRC
  • Volume: 02

Abstract: This report describes and discusses the results of a two-and-a-half-year bush resource development project which the author undertook for Central Land Council (CLC) from mid-1997 to late 1999, plus five years of independent involvement in a bushfood enterprise working with Aboriginal collectors across the region. The Desert Knowledge Cooperative Research Centre (DK-CRC), through its Natural Resource Management Theme, has supported the writing-up phase of the project A major impetus for the project was the recognition within CLC and other Aboriginal service agencies that the developing bushfood industry, despite being overwhelmingly reliant on Aboriginal traditional knowledge of native food species, was generating few direct benefits for Aboriginal people and limited opportunities for their involvement in the industry in any meaningful way. Some important developments notwithstanding, this situation largely still prevails today There are few, if any, avenues for Aboriginal people to claim benefits from the use of their knowledge. The only benefits available arise from their direct commercial involvement in bushfood trade. This situation exists because information that Aboriginal people have provided on resource use has been placed in the public domain, where it is freely available to all.

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