Assessing Shared Responsibility in Ali Curung

Assessing Shared Responsibility in Ali Curung Project Resources

DKCRC Working Paper

  • Author(s): Wright, A, Elvin, R
  • Published: 2011
  • Publisher: Ninti One Limited
  • Volume: 82

Abstract: In 2007, the Ali Curung Council requested that the Centre for Appropriate Technology (CAT) independently evaluate the Ali Curung Shared Responsibility Agreement (SRA) , which it did as part of ‘Desert Services that Work’ Core Project of the Desert Knowledge Cooperative Research Centre (DKCRC). Residents of Ali Curung, staff from the Ali Curung Community Council, and NT and Australian Government staff who worked with people from Ali Curung community were invited to participate. The Tennant Creek ICC, along with the SRA Steering Committee, also agreed to the evaluation. The evaluation was to provide feedback to the community and the steering committee with the aim of learning from and improving the SRA’s implementation. An early draft of this report and its recommendations was provided to Ali Curung participants, the SRA Steering Committee and the ICC in order to provide the parties with immediate feedback from the evaluation. The following report details the content of the SRA, the research methodology, results and recommendations. Although substantial changes in policy, including local government reform and the Northern Territory Emergency Response (the Intervention) meant that the recommendations could not be acted on, it is hoped that they will provide guidance for future agreement or policymaking that affects Ali Curung and other similar Aboriginal communities.

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