Value Chain Analysis of Bush Tomato and Wattle Seed Products

Value Chain Analysis of Bush Tomato and Wattle Seed Products Presentations

DKCRC Research Report

  • Author(s): Bryceson, KP
  • Published: 2008
  • Publisher: Desert Knowledge CRC
  • Volume: 40

Abstract: This report outlines a market analysis of the Australian bush tomato (Solanum centrale) and wattle seed (Acacia spp) products. The project was commissioned to explicitly characterise and map the Australian bush tomato and wattle seed value chains from production through to domestic distribution and final consumption, and to identify and evaluate high value market segments that might be used to focus the business developments associated with these two products. The following criteria were investigated in some detail: Industry stakeholders and activities, product creation and delivery, financial conditions, information conditions, incentives, motivators and drivers, and governance conditions The analysis has shown that demand for bush food products in general has grown in the last two years, and that currently, bush tomato (BT) is in higher demand than wattle seed (WS). However, it was also found that while a viable and growing bush food industry exists that involves both products, there are considerable challenges to developing a sustainable industry around them, both from a production and from a market perspective. These include: • Supply issues • Internal industry competition • Food safety and traceability • Consumers • Business skills development needs

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