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Putting vulnerability to climate change on the map: a review of approaches, benefits, and risks

  • Authors: Preston, Benjamin L., Yuen, Emma J., Westaway, Richard M.
  • Published: 2011

There is growing demand among stakeholders across public and private institutions for spatially-explicit information regarding vulnerability to climate change at the local scale. However, the challenges associated with mapping the…

The Bush in Australian English

  • Author: Bromhead, Helen
  • Publisher: Routledge
  • Published: 2011

The Englishes of British settlers in different parts of the world reflect the history and culture of their respective societies. In expanding to distant lands, colonists encountered natural environments very…

Overview of the Darwin Labour Market

  • Author: Neville, Ivan
  • Publisher: Australian Government
  • Published: 2011

Overview of the Darwin Labour Market

Response to the Inquiry into Mental Health Barriers to Education, Training and Employment Participation

  • Author: NESA (National Employment Services Association)
  • Publisher: National Employment Services Association
  • Published: 2011

This submission focuses on identified opportunities for improvements to strengthen the current performance of employment and related service provision for people with mental ill-health. It also highlights broad areas where…

The politics of difference and equality: Remote Aboriginal communities, public discourse, and Australian anthropology

  • Author: Austin-Broos, Diane
  • Publisher: Ninti One Limited
  • Published: 2011

The growth of a network of remote communities in Australia's Northern Territory followed the success of an Aboriginal land rights movement in the 1970s. In the course of the past…

Social research methods : qualitative and quantitative approaches

  • Author: Neuman, WL.
  • Publisher: Pearson
  • Published: 2011

Social Research Methods: Qualitative and Quantitative Methods 7e is a highly regarded text that presents a comprehensive and balanced introduction to both qualitative and quantitative approaches to social research with…

Securing a clean energy future: The Australian Government’s Climate Change Plan

  • Author: Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency
  • Publisher: Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency
  • Published: 2011

Scientists advise that the world is warming and high levels of carbon pollution risk environmental and economic damage. No responsible government can ignore this advice. The Australian Government has developed…

Climate model genealogy

  • Authors: Masson, D., Knutti, R.
  • Publisher: Desert Knowledge CRC,
  • Published: 2011

Climate change projections are often given as equally weighted averages across ensembles of climate models, despite the fact that the sampling of the underlying ensembles is unclear. We show that…

Future Australian climate scenarios

  • Author: Whetton, Penny
  • Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
  • Published: 2011

Climate change is the greatest ecological, economic, and social challenge of our time. Climate change research over many years shows links between human activities and warming of the atmosphere and…

Indigenous Australian Health and Cultures: An introduction for health professionals

  • Authors: Thackrah, R, Scott, K
  • Publisher: Pearson Australia
  • Published: 2011

This new edited volume has been written by a diverse group of health professionals, the majority of whom are Indigenous Australians. A life cycle approach has been adopted, with chapters…

NAPLAN Language assessments for Indigenous children in remote communities: Issues and problems

  • Authors: Wigglesworth, G, Simpson, J, Loakes, D
  • Publisher: DKCRC
  • Published: 2011

The National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) assessments are designed to assess literacy and numeracy of all Australian school children in years 3, 5, 7 and 9, and…

Unlearning what we know is true: getting more from less in remote educational research

  • Author: Guenther, J
  • Publisher: SEGRA
  • Published: 2011

Most researchers are on a quest for deeper understanding, new and greater knowledge and recognition of their learnings. We value critical thought. We often pride ourselves in finding ‘truth’. But…

Racism, social resources and mental health for Aboriginal people living in Adelaide

  • Authors: Ziersch, Anna, Gallaher, Gilbert, Baum, Fran, Bentley, Michael
  • Published: 2011

Background: This paper examines whether reported experience of racism by Aboriginal people living in Adelaide is negatively associated with mental health, and whether social resources ameliorate the mental health effects…

The Aboriginal Practitioner as Communication Mediator in Intercultural Bureaucratic Encounters

  • Author: Firkins, Arthur S
  • Publisher: Ninti One Limited
  • Published: 2011

Governments in Australia have deployed Aboriginal specific positions within government departments which focus on health, education and welfare services. This small-scale study uses a qualitative interpretive interview approach to explore…

Climate change impacts

  • Author: Hennessy, Kevin
  • Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
  • Published: 2011

The impacts of climate change are already clearly visible in Australia. Further impacts predicted to occur in the future will be experienced across all sectors of the economy and in…

Climate Change and Infectious Diseases in Australia: Future Prospects, Adaptation Options, and Research Priorities

  • Authors: Harley, David, Peng Bi, Hall, Gillian, Swaminathan, Ashwin, Shilu Tong, Williams, Craig
  • Publisher: Desert Knowledge CRC
  • Published: 2011

Climate change will have significant and diverse impacts on human health. These impacts will include changes in infectious disease incidence. In this article, the authors review the current situation and…

Evaluation of FAST Galiwin’ku program

  • Author: Guenther, J
  • Publisher: Cat Conatus
  • Published: 2011

FAST (Families And Schools Together) is an eight-week, early intervention/prevention program, designed to strengthen family functioning and so build protective factors in children . In the Northern Territory the program…

Are we adapting to climate change?

  • Authors: Berrang-Ford, Lea, Ford, James D., Paterson, Jaclyn
  • Published: 2011

Human systems will have to adapt to climate change. Understanding of the magnitude of the adaptation challenge at a global scale, however, is incomplete, constrained by a limited understanding of…

Yan-nhangu Dictionary

  • Author: James, Bentley
  • Publisher: Australian Government
  • Published: 2011

Yan-nhangu is a language spoken by about 15 people in the Crocodile Islands, off of the coast of the Northern Territory. The Yan-nhangu language belongs to the Yolngu Matha language…

Indigenous Dot Com: E-Learning in Australian Indigenous Workforce Development and Engagement

  • Authors: Wallace, Ruth, Appo, Rhonda
  • Publisher: Springer Netherlands
  • Published: 2011

Improving the engagement and outcomes of Australian Indigenous people through training is underpinned by understanding the nature and experiences of learning for different people in a range of contexts. A…

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