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Remote Australia is a vast and complex area. To create opportunity, foster social inclusion and drive economic development in this region, you need a comprehensive knowledge base to drive change.

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Remote Australia Online is for those who want to delve deeper into the complexities of remote Australia: its intricate and interconnected networks, the geographical, social, cultural and environmental influences, its opportunities, challenges, and to understand just what makes this unique region tick.

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Development of an inventory to assess the moderating effects of cultural resilience with Aboriginal youth at risk of depression, anxiety and suicidal behaviours

  • Author: Westerman, T.
  • Publisher: Curtin University
  • Published: 2003

Bias in the assessment of Aboriginal youth experiencing mental health problems has long been recognised in the literature (Davidson, 1995; J.J Goodnow, 1988; Kearins, 1981). The basis of this bias…

A Gudbala Laif? : health and wellbeing in a remote Aboriginal community - what are the problems and where lies responsibility?

  • Author: Senior, Kate Adele
  • Publisher: Australian National University
  • Published: 2003

The thesis is a study of a single community, its health, expectations and aspirations. It is a

A study into the domestication of Solanum centrale, Australian bush tomato

  • Author: Collins, C.
  • Publisher: Univ. of Adelaide
  • Published: 2002

market demand for its use as a flavouring. This thesis investigated improved methods of propagation, the

The environmental implications of the local-state antinomy in Australia

  • Author: Wild River, Su
  • Publisher: Australian National University
  • Published: 2002

case for accepting both. This thesis adopts the antinomy of local-state government in Australia as its

It's a Power: An Interpretation of the Aboriginal Memorial in its Ethnographic, Museological, Art Historical and Political Contexts

  • Author: Jenkins, Susan
  • Publisher: Australian National University
  • Published: 2002

It's a Power: An Interpretation of the Aboriginal Memorial in its Ethnographic, Museological, Art Historical and Political Contexts

Non-Shelter Outcomes of Housing: A Case Study of the Relationships between Housing and Children’s Schooling

  • Author: Young, P.
  • Publisher: University of Sydney
  • Published: 2002

sample of public housing tenants and a smaller group of educators. This thesis begins with an

Two for the price of one: a qualitative study of the lives of mining wives

  • Author: Rhodes, L.D.
  • Publisher: Curtin University of Technology
  • Published: 2001

. Focussing on the wives of men in the professional ranks of a mining career, this thesis explores, from a

Digital songlines: the adaption of modern communication technology at Yuendemu, a remote Aboriginal community in central Australia

  • Author: Buchtmann, Lydia
  • Publisher: Canberra University
  • Published: 2000

During the early 1980s the Warlpiri at Yuendemu, a remote Aboriginal community in Central Australia, began their own experiments in local television and radio production. This was prior to the…

The failure of Australian legislation on indirect discrimination to detect the systemic racism which prevents Aboriginal people from fully participating in the workforce

  • Author: de Plevitz, Loretta Ruth
  • Publisher: Queensland University of Technology
  • Published: 2000

unemployment rate for other Australians. This thesis aims to assess whether Australian indirect

The business of bush foods: ecological and socio-cultural implications

  • Author: Berkinshaw, Todd Darren
  • Publisher: University of Adelaide
  • Published: 1999

This dissertation examines the emergence and growth of plant-based bush foods within the mainstream economy in the past two decades. In particular, it addresses the ecological and socio-cultural implications associated…

Nursing practice in a remote area: an ethnographic study

  • Author: Cramer, Jennifer Helen
  • Publisher: Curtin University
  • Published: 1998

The solitary position of nurses who practise in geographically isolated communities to provide direct health care to a predominantly Aboriginal population characterises nursing in remote areas. Munoz & Mann (1982)…

Hard work (Tanji warrkamm) : employment for Aboriginal people in the public sector in Australia

  • Author: Buckley, C.F.
  • Publisher: University of Western Australia
  • Published: 1998

The aim of this study was to develop a theory which would explain the consistently low number of Aboriginal people employed in public sector agencies in Australia. Aboriginal people comprise…

Retention of allied health professionals in rural and remote areas of South Australia

  • Author: Barney, Tania
  • Publisher: University of South Australia
  • Published: 1998

Around one third of all Australians live in rural and remote areas. People living in rural and remote areas tend to experience poorer health status than their metropolitan counterparts. Differences…

Models of leadership in remote Aboriginal schools in the Northern Territory

  • Author: Nolen, Helen Maree
  • Publisher: Northern Territory University
  • Published: 1998

Aboriginalisation or localisation of leadership in schools in remote areas of the Northern Territory is becoming more widespread in this last decade of the second millennium. Emerging models or ways…

Linking with community development: an outsider working in remote Aboriginal communities of central Australia

  • Author: Barker, Ruth Nancy
  • Publisher: University of South Australia
  • Published: 1997

Linking with community development: an outsider working in remote Aboriginal communities of central Australia

The Australian Aboriginal 'Dreamtime' (Its History, Cosmogenesis Cosmology and Ontology)

  • Author: Dean, C
  • Publisher: Deakin University
  • Published: 1996

contradictory evidence. This thesis then is an attempt to bring the available information together in one

Learning from the Rhetoric of the Moment: A Study of Rural and Remote Uses of Telecommunications

  • Author: Hansen, Jens
  • Publisher: University of New England
  • Published: 1995

research about the potential of the other. The data were also examined with reference to the thesis that

Sustainable tourism in remote Australia: strategies for physical planning and infrastructure

  • Author: Bull, Catherin Jane
  • Publisher: Harvard University
  • Published: 1991

discovery, exploration and education are the most appropriate. This thesis presents an evaluative model

Between two worlds: Aboriginal cultural autonomy and economic assimilation in remote Western Australia in the 1980s

  • Author: Arthur, W.S.
  • Publisher: University of Western Australia
  • Published: 1990

Restraints imposed by various cultural practices on formal employment and economic self management at Fitzroy Crossing and surrounding communities; overview of policies of self management and self determination; Aboriginal labour…

Contemporary Aboriginal women and subsistence in remote, arid Australia

  • Author: Devitt, J.
  • Publisher: University of Queensland
  • Published: 1989

This thesis is an account of the role of contemporary Aboriginal women in subsistence. It refers to

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