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Remote Australia is a vast and complex area. To create opportunity, foster social inclusion and drive economic development in this region, you need a comprehensive knowledge base to drive change.

Remote Australia Online is exactly that. It’s an online platform that delivers authoritative research on topics that impact this region and its people, including education and its pathways, policy, business, social and cultural welfare, infrastructure, communication and natural resource management.

Remote Australia Online is for those who want to delve deeper into the complexities of remote Australia: its intricate and interconnected networks, the geographical, social, cultural and environmental influences, its opportunities, challenges, and to understand just what makes this unique region tick.

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The Strengths and Limitations in Using the Daily MODIS Open Water Likelihood Algorithm for Identifying Flood Events

  • Authors: Catherine Ticehurst, Juan Pablo Guerschman, Yun Chen
  • Published: 2014

Daily, or more frequent, maps of surface water have important applications in environmental and water resource management. In particular, surface water maps derived from remote sensing imagery play a useful…

The relationship between job and life satisfaction: Evidence from a remote mining community

  • Authors: Iverson, R.D., MaGuire, C.
  • Published: 2000

Although the relationship between job and life satisfaction has attracted much attention, little research has been undertaken in geographically remote settings. This study addresses this deficiency by testing a causal…

Do the Australian guidelines for water recycling protect small or remote communities?

  • Authors: Barker, S.F., Packer, M., Scales, P.J., Gray, S., Snape, I., Hamilton, A.J.
  • Published: 2013

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Impacts of level of utilisation by grazing on an Astrebla (Mitchell grass) grassland in north-western Queensland between 1984 and 2010. 2. Plant species richness and abundance

  • Authors: Orr, D. M., Phelps, D. G.
  • Published: 2013

The occurrence of interstitial species in Astrebla grasslands in Australia are influenced by grazing and seasonal rainfall but the interactions of these two influences are complex. This paper describes three…

Living to work, or working to live: Intercultural understandings of livelihoods

  • Authors: Davies, J, Maru, YT
  • Published: 2010

One of the authors recently found herself striking up a conversation with a stranger in the checkout queue at the supermarket. It’s something you can do easily in Alice Springs.…

The bush foods industry and poverty alleviation in central Australia

  • Author: Yates, P.
  • Published: 2009

The commercialisation of native species has some potential to contribute to the reduction of income poverty levels in remote Aboriginal communities in Central Australia. Aboriginal people hold significant knowledge, skill…

‘Looking after country two-ways’: Insights into Indigenous community-based conservation from the Southern Tanami

  • Authors: Preuss, K, Dixon, M
  • Published: 2012

This paper offers insights and practical lessons for a ‘two-way’ approach to combining Indigenous and non-Indigenous ecological knowledge in environmental planning and management. It is based on the experience of…

What gaps need closing in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander training provision?

  • Authors: Guenther, J, McRae-Williams, E
  • Published: 2016

Recently, the Prime Minister gave the annual Closing the Gap speech to parliament. The accompanying report (Turnbull, 2016) was a mix of optimism and despair as a few gaps closed…

The 23rd October, 2002 dust storm in eastern Australia: characteristics and meteorological conditions

  • Authors: McTainsh, GH, Chan, YC, McGowan, HA, Leys, JF, Tews, EK
  • Published: 2005

The dust storm of 23 October 2002 covered most of eastern Australia and carried one of the largest recorded dust loads in Australia. In the 6 months leading up to…

Anpernirrentye: a Framework for Enhanced Application of Indigenous Ecological Knowledge in Natural Resource Management

  • Authors: Fiona J. Walsh , Perrurle V. Dobson, Josie C. Douglas
  • Published: 2013

Robust approaches to natural resource management (NRM) in indigenous cross-cultural contexts require coherent understandings of Indigenous Ecological Knowledge (IEK) systems. We synthesize a framework to represent the traditionally derived worldview…

Successful Aboriginal Small Business Enterprises — relevance for the South Australian mining industry

  • Author: Moylan, L
  • Published: 2005

The South Australian mining industry is in the process of developing relationships with Aboriginal people along many different paths — economic, cultural, land, social, family, health, livelihoods and governance. For…

Ethical Relationships for Biodiversity Research and Benefit-Sharing with Indigenous Peoples

  • Authors: Craig, Donna, Davies, Michael
  • Published: 2005

Indigenous peoples hold responsibility for, manage, and own resources and knowledge about plant and animal use, including methods of preparation, storage and management, which is of global economic significance. These…

Researching a university’s engagement with the Indigenous communities it serves

  • Authors: Campbell, M, Christie, M
  • Published: 2009

Charles Darwin University (CDU) is committed to community engagement and is developing ways of embedding this role within university structures and processes. One strategy to achieve this was the Indigenous…

Resource development and Aborigines: the case of Roebourne 1960-1980

  • Author: Howitt, R.
  • Published: 1989

The pervasive and dynamic influence of economic restructuring on political and social relations is highlighted in many aspects of Australian daily life. The effect of economic restructuring on already marginalised…

The achievements and limitations of the CDEP (Community Development Employment Projects) scheme: A 20 year perspective

  • Author: Altman, J.
  • Published: 1997

To summarise, looking back over the last 20 years, the major achievements of the CDEP scheme would have to include, in no order of priority: its undiminished popularity; its sheer…

Urban Indigenous Housing Issues in Redfern

  • Author: Wilkinson, J.
  • Published: 2005

The majority of Indigenous Australians live in capital cities and regional centres and, as a result of a history of poverty and neglect, this group have experienced some of the…

Racism, social resources and mental health for Aboriginal people living in Adelaide

  • Authors: Ziersch, Anna, Gallaher, Gilbert, Baum, Fran, Bentley, Michael
  • Published: 2011

Background: This paper examines whether reported experience of racism by Aboriginal people living in Adelaide is negatively associated with mental health, and whether social resources ameliorate the mental health effects…

Proximate causes and possible adaptive functions of mast seeding and barren flower shows in spinifex grasses (Triodia spp.) in arid regions of Australia

  • Authors: Wright, Boyd R., Zuur, Alain F., Chan, Gary C. K.
  • Published: 2014

Mast seeding, the intermittent production of large synchronised seed crops among plant populations, is a phenomenon that occurs at exceptionally long intervals in spinifex grasses (Triodia spp.) from arid regions…

The photovoice method: researching the experiences of Aboriginal health workers through photographs

  • Authors: Wilkin, Alice, Liamputtong, Pranee
  • Published: 2010

This paper discusses the methodological framework and perspectives that were used in a larger study aiming at examining the experience of working life among female Aboriginal health care workers. Currently,…

A review of male and female Australian indigenous entrepreneurs: Disadvantaged past - promising future?

  • Authors: Wood, Glenice J, Davidson, Marilyn J
  • Published: 2011

Purpose – Research in indigenous small business entrepreneurship in Australia is sparse. This paper aims to provide a review of the available literature culminating in a comprehensive model of characteristics,…

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