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Remote Australia is a vast and complex area. To create opportunity, foster social inclusion and drive economic development in this region, you need a comprehensive knowledge base to drive change.

Remote Australia Online is exactly that. It’s an online platform that delivers authoritative research on topics that impact this region and its people, including education and its pathways, policy, business, social and cultural welfare, infrastructure, communication and natural resource management.

Remote Australia Online is for those who want to delve deeper into the complexities of remote Australia: its intricate and interconnected networks, the geographical, social, cultural and environmental influences, its opportunities, challenges, and to understand just what makes this unique region tick.

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“Where the spirit of wisdom lies”: Inculturation, self-determination and the authority of First Nations*

  • Author: Rademaker, Laura Michelle
  • Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd
  • Published: 2023

By the 1970s, Christian missions to Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory were enthusiastic supporters of Indigenous self-determination, even as they sought to maintain a missionary presence in Aboriginal communities.…

Spectrum of human Pasteurella species infections in tropical Australia

  • Authors: Mahony, Michelle, Menouhos, Dimitrios, Hennessy, Jann, Baird, Robert W.
  • Publisher: Public Library of Science
  • Published: 2023

Background Acquired zoonotic infections with Pasteurella bacterial species have a wide clinical spectrum of disease from invasive infections to localised bite-wound infections. Methods This study reviewed the spectrum of the…

The ties that bind: Social network analysis describes the social element of medical workforce recruitment to rural/remote Australia

  • Authors: Shiikha, Yulia, Ledingham, Rebekah, Playford, Denese
  • Published: 2023

We present the argument that medical recruitment to a previously under-recruited remote town was effected through what Social Network Analysis (SNA) measures as “brokerage” which operates amidst “structural holes”. We…

Health workforce perceptions on telehealth augmentation opportunities

  • Authors: Thomas, L. T., Lee, C. M. Y., McClelland, K., Nunis, G., Robinson, S., Norman, R.
  • Published: 2023

The availability and use of telehealth to support health care access from a distance has expanded in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Telehealth services have supported regional and remote health…

‘Pretty funny bloody barrister’: Gendered violence in Shame (1987)

  • Author: Tsuei, Jeremy
  • Published: 2023

Steve Jodrell’s Shame (1987) remains remarkably accurate in its depiction of gendered violence in rural/regional/remote (RRR) Australia. However, viewing the film as a normative statement reveals a complex relationship where…

The safety of anaesthesia delivered by rural generalist anaesthetists: a scoping review of the literature

  • Authors: Gilchrist, Peter T., Walters, Lucie, Ward, Paul
  • Published: 2023

Introduction: Rural generalist anaesthetists (RGAs) are central to the delivery of health care in much of rural and remote Australia. This article details a systematic review of the literature specifically…

Evaluated nurse-led models of care implemented in regional, rural, and remote Australia: A scoping review

  • Authors: Beks, Hannah, Clayden, Suzanne, Shee, Anna Wong, Binder, Marley J., O’Keeffe, Sophie, Versace, Vincent L.
  • Published: 2023

Background Nurse-led models of care are important for populations residing in regional, rural, and remote settings, who experience barriers to accessing health care. A previous review examining a subset of…

Aeromedical retrievals as a measure of potentially preventable hospitalisations and cost comparison with provision of GP-led primary health care in a remote community

  • Authors: Wieland, L, Abernethy, G
  • Published: 2023

Introduction: Kowanyama is a very remote Aboriginal community. It is ranked amongst the top five most disadvantaged communities in Australia and has a very high burden of disease. Currently, the…

Responding to Health Outcomes and Access to Health and Hospital Services in Rural, Regional and Remote New South Wales

  • Authors: McDonald, Fiona, Malatzky, Christina
  • Published: 2023

Ethical perspectives on regional, rural, and remote healthcare often, understandably and importantly, focus on inequities in access to services. In this commentary, we take the opportunity to examine the implications…

A networked approach to addressing COVID-19 in rural and remote Australia

  • Authors: Nott, Shannon, Hawthorn, Maryanne
  • Published: 2023

Introduction: The COVID-19 global pandemic has been a significant challenge worldwide. This has been particularly so in rural and remote communities where largely metropolitan-based policies do not translate into the…

The value of extended short-term medical training placements in smaller rural and remote locations on future work location: a cohort study

  • Authors: McGrail, Matthew R., Nasir, Bushra F., Chater, Alan Bruce, Sangelaji, Bahram, Kondalsamy-Chennakesavan, Srinivas
  • Published: 2023

Objectives To investigate the effects of extended short-term medical training placements in small rural and remote communities on postgraduate work location.Design and setting Cohort study of medical graduates of The…

Optimisation of rural clinical and haematological indicators of diabetes in pregnancy (ORCHID) to improve detection of risk for adverse birth outcomes: from addressing glycolysis to implementing novel tests for detecting hyperglycaemia in pregnancy

  • Authors: Marley, J. M., Jamieson, E. L., Spry, E. P.
  • Publisher: Elsevier
  • Published: 2023

Background: Hyperglycaemia in pregnancy (HIP) is a significant intergenerational issue. The ORCHID Study aims to improve screening for and management of HIP in regional, rural and remote communities. Methods: 27…

Dislocation, exploration, invigoration: Exploring the cross-cultural intersection of art and friendship

  • Authors: Mulholland, Juanita, Bacaller, Sarah
  • Publisher: Routledge
  • Published: 2023

If love can blind, are there are also scenarios in which relationality invokes clarity of knowledge and closeness of hearing? In this collaborative piece, Bardi artist and weaver Juanita Mulholland…

A mixed-methods evaluation of a state-wide outreach perinatal mental health service

  • Authors: Cibralic, Sara, Fay-Stammbach, Tracey, Tucker, Debbie, Song, Deborah, Eapen, Valsamma
  • Published: 2023

Access to perinatal mental health services in rural and remote areas is scarce, particularly perinatal psychiatry services. Telehealth, together with psychiatry consultation-liaison services are one way to improve access to…

“Winga is trying to get in”: Local observations of climate change in the Tiwi Islands

  • Authors: Barnett, Jon, Konlechner, Teresa, Waters, Elissa, Minnapinni, Michelle Woody, Jarillo, Sergio, Austral, Brian, De Santis, James, Head, Lesley, Rioli, Clinton, King, Andrew
  • Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd
  • Published: 2023

There is a growing body of research documenting Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities' observations of changes in climate. The accuracy, efficacy, and transferability of this research depends on its motives…

The health outcomes and health service needs of the Martu and Nyiyaparli people of northwest Western Australia: A grey literature review

  • Authors: McNaught, Keith, Rhoding, Colette, Schwager, Michelle J
  • Published: 2023

Introduction: Health outcomes for Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait peoples are very poor. This is considerably worse in remote regions. The East Pilbara, where the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander…

Cultural loss and compensation in the anthropology of Aboriginal Australia

  • Author: Martin, Richard
  • Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd
  • Published: 2023

Cultural loss has been neglected in the study of Aboriginal Australia. This neglect reflects the impact of changes in Australian society involving the recognition and celebration of Indigenous culture. Yet…

Counter-accounting and social transformation: Yaṉangu way

  • Authors: Norris, Ellie, Kutubi, Shawgat, Greenland, Steven, Wallace, Ruth
  • Publisher: Emerald Publishing Limited
  • Published: 2023

Purpose: This study explores citizen activism in the articulation of a politicised counter-account of Aboriginal rights. It aims to uncover the enabling factors for a successful challenge to established political…

Costs and benefits of community water fluoridation in remote Aboriginal communities of the Northern Territory

  • Authors: Zhao, Yuejen, Raymond, Kate, Chondur, Ramakrishna, Sharp, Wayne, Gadd, Elizabeth, Bailie, Ross, Skinner, John, Burgess, Paul
  • Published: 2023

Objective: To undertake an economic evaluation of community water fluoridation (CWF) in remote communities of the Northern Territory (NT). Design: Dental caries experiences were compared between CWF and non-CWF communities…

Conceptualisation, experiences and suggestions for improvement of food security amongst Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents and carers in remote Australian communities

  • Authors: Booth, Sue, Deen, Caroline, Thompson, Kani, Kleve, Sue, Chan, Ellie, McCarthy, Leisa, Kraft, Emma, Fredericks, Bronwyn, Brimblecombe, Julie, Ferguson, Megan
  • Published: 2023

This study aimed to determine perceptions of the lived experience of food insecurity and suggestions to improve food security in four remote Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory, and Queensland.…

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