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Remote Australia is a vast and complex area. To create opportunity, foster social inclusion and drive economic development in this region, you need a comprehensive knowledge base to drive change.

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Remote Australia Online is for those who want to delve deeper into the complexities of remote Australia: its intricate and interconnected networks, the geographical, social, cultural and environmental influences, its opportunities, challenges, and to understand just what makes this unique region tick.

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Setting the record straight: sexually transmissible infections and sexual abuse in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities

  • Authors: Ward, James S., Hengel, Belinda, Ah Chee, Donna, Havnen, Olga, Boffa, John D.
  • Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd
  • Published: 2020

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people (hereafter respectfully referred to as Aboriginal people) living in remote communities often face the brunt of public scrutiny because of careless reporting on sensitive…

The impact of hearing impairment on the life trajectories of Aboriginal children in remote Australia: Protocol for the Hearing Loss in Kids Project

  • Authors: Su, Jiunn-Yih, He, Vincent Yaofeng, Guthridge, Steven, Silburn, Sven
  • Published: 2020

Background: Previous studies have reported a high prevalence of chronic otitis media (OM) and hearing impairment (HI) in Aboriginal children in the Northern Territory (NT) of Australia. Children affected by…

The use of telephone communication between nurse navigators and their patients

  • Authors: Heritage, B., Harvey, C., Brown, J., Hegney, D., Willis, E., Baldwin, A., Heard, D., McLellan, S., Clayton, V., Claes, J., Lang, M., Curnow, V.
  • Published: 2020

BACKGROUND: Hospitals and other health care providers frequently experience difficulties contacting patients and their carers who live remotely from the town where the health service is located. In 2016 Nurse…

“You get exposed to a wider range of things and it can be challenging but very exciting at the same time”: enablers of and barriers to transition to rural practice by allied health professionals in Australia

  • Authors: Kumar, Saravana, Tian, Esther Jie, May, Esther, Crouch, Rosanne, McCulloch, Mandy
  • Published: 2020

Background: There is consistent evidence highlighting the mal-distribution of the health workforce between urban and rural and remote regions. To date, addressing this mal-distribution has focused on medicine and nursing…

The well-being of carers of older Aboriginal people living in the Kimberley region of remote Western Australia: Empowerment, depression, and carer burden

  • Authors: LoGiudice, Dina, Josif, Cathryn M., Malay, Roslyn, Hyde, Zoë, Haswell, Melissa, Lindeman, Melissa A., Etherton-Beer, Christopher, Atkinson, David, Bessarab, Dawn, Flicker, Leon, Smith, Kate
  • Publisher: SAGE Publications Inc
  • Published: 2020

Objective: To describe demographic features and well-being of carers of Aboriginal Australians aged ≥45 years in remote Western Australia. Method: Carer burden, empowerment, and depression were assessed in 124 Aboriginal…

Differences in stroke risk and cardiovascular mortality for Aboriginal and other Australian patients with atrial fibrillation

  • Authors: Nedkoff, Lee, Kelty, Erin A., Hung, Joseph, Thompson, Sandra C., Katzenellenbogen, Judith M.
  • Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd
  • Published: 2020

Objectives To assess the risks of stroke and cardiovascular mortality for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians with atrial fibrillation. Design Retrospective data linkage cohort study. Setting, participants All people aged 20?84…

“Their story is a hard road to hoe”: how art-making tackles stigma and builds well-being in young people living regionally

  • Authors: Gentle, Emma, Linsley, Paul, Hurley, John
  • Published: 2020

Purpose Remote and regional Australia have comparatively fewer mental health services than their urban counterparts, what is more, mental health remains profoundly stigmatised. This study aims to understand how, if…

Aeromedical retrieval for suspected appendicitis in rural and remote paediatric patients

  • Authors: Harwood, Abby, Black, Sarah, Sharma, Pritish, Bishop, Lara, Gardiner, Fergus W.
  • Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd
  • Published: 2020

Introduction The aim of this paper was to describe the characteristics of paediatric patients who underwent an aeromedical retrieval within Australia (gender and Indigenous status) for suspected appendicitis between 1…

Barriers and enablers of health service utilisation for childhood skin infections in remote Aboriginal communities of Western Australia

  • Authors: Hendrickx, David, Amgarth-Duff, Ingrid, C Bowen, Asha, R Carapetis, Jonathan, Chibawe, Robby, Samson, Margaret, Walker, Roz
  • Published: 2020

In Australia, children living in remote Aboriginal communities experience high rates of skin infections and associated complications. Prompt presentation to primary care health services is crucial for early diagnosis and…

Beyond the frame, beyond critique: reframing place through more-than visual participant-photography

  • Author: Kelly, David
  • Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd
  • Published: 2020

There is an abundance of critique in tourism studies, human geography and the social sciences that take tourism-driven depictions of place as their object. Indeed, the problematics of touristic imaginaries…

Interpersonal violence and violent re-injury in the Northern Territory

  • Authors: Lim, Kah Heng Alexander, McDermott, Kathleen, Read, David J.
  • Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd
  • Published: 2020

Objectives To analyse incidence of prior emergency department presentations for interpersonal violence and demographics for a series of hospital admissions for interpersonal violence injuries. Design Retrospective analysis of trauma registry.…

Ferricretes at Burringurrah (Mount Augustus), Western Australia: Proof of lateral derivation

  • Authors: Bourman, Robert P., Buckman, Solomon, Chivas, Allan R., Ollier, Clifford D., Price, David M.
  • Published: 2020

Surficial iron-rich deposits (ferricretes) occur on and around Burringurrah (Mount Augustus), a huge, remote inselberg in the Gascoyne district of Western Australia. Oriented NW-SE, Burringurrah is approximately 14 km long, 5 km…

Enhancing social and emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal boarding students: Evaluation of a social and emotional learning pilot program

  • Authors: Franck, Linél, Midford, Richard, Cahill, Helen, Buergelt, T. Petra, Robinson, Gary, Leckning, Bernard, Paton, Douglas
  • Published: 2020

Boarding schools can provide quality secondary education for Aboriginal students from remote Aboriginal Australian communities. However, transition into boarding school is commonly challenging for Aboriginal students as they need to…

Primary health care for Aboriginal Australian women in remote communities after a pregnancy with hyperglycaemia

  • Authors: Wood, A., MacKay, D., Fitzsimmons, D., Derkenne, R., Kirkham, R., Boyle, J. A., Connors, C., Whitbread, C., Welsh, A., Brown, A., Shaw, J. E., Maple-Brown, L.
  • Published: 2020

BACKGROUND: Hyperglycaemia in pregnancy contributes to adverse outcomes for women and their children. The postpartum period is an opportune time to support women to reduce cardiometabolic and diabetes risk in…

An integrated remote-sensing mapping method for groundwater dependent ecosystems associated with diffuse discharge in the Great Artesian Basin, Australia

  • Authors: Matic, V., Costelloe, J. F., Western, A. W.
  • Published: 2020

Vertical leakage (discharge to upper aquifers) is an important but poorly constrained component of water balance in the Great Artesian Basin (GAB), Australia. It ranges from negligible discharge where the…

Creating opportunities for vulnerable indigenous learners to succeed in vocational education

  • Author: Jorgensen, Robyn
  • Published: 2020

Remote indigenous students in the Australian context are often the most vulnerable learners in the nation. Many factors impact on the potential for success. For those living in remote areas…

Providing palliative care closer to home: a retrospective analysis from a remote Australian hospital

  • Authors: Watson, Benjamin J., Budd, Richard, Waran, Eswaran, Scott, Ian, Quilty, Simon
  • Published: 2020

Background Rural and remote patients have reduced access to palliative care, often resulting in inter-hospital transfers and death a long way from home and family. Katherine Hospital (KH), a 50-bed…

Addressing neglected contexts of ageing: The situation in remote northern Australia

  • Author: Gibb, Heather
  • Published: 2020

This paper examines why many older people living in remote parts of northern Australia areunable to access appropriate, or in some cases, any care services to support ageing in place.…

Binaural processing and phonological awareness in Australian Indigenous children from the Northern Territory: A community based study

  • Authors: Sharma, Mridula, Wigglesworth, Gillian, Savage, Gemma, Demuth, Katherine
  • Published: 2020

Objective Research has found that otitis media (OM) is highly prevalent in Australian Indigenous children, and repeated bouts of OM is often associated with minimal-to-moderate hearing loss. However, what is…

Impact of legislative change on waiting time for women accessing surgical abortion services in a rural hospital in the Northern Territory

  • Authors: Belton, Suzanne, McQueen, Georgia, Ali, Edwina
  • Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd
  • Published: 2020

Background Women face challenges when accessing abortion, including varied legislation and reduced access to services in rural and remote settings. There are limited clinical guidelines in Australia and little information…

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