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Remote Australia is a vast and complex area. To create opportunity, foster social inclusion and drive economic development in this region, you need a comprehensive knowledge base to drive change.

Remote Australia Online is exactly that. It’s an online platform that delivers authoritative research on topics that impact this region and its people, including education and its pathways, policy, business, social and cultural welfare, infrastructure, communication and natural resource management.

Remote Australia Online is for those who want to delve deeper into the complexities of remote Australia: its intricate and interconnected networks, the geographical, social, cultural and environmental influences, its opportunities, challenges, and to understand just what makes this unique region tick.

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What discourages Indigenous discouraged workers?

  • Authors: Hunter, Boyd, Gray, Matthew
  • Publisher: Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research, ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences, Australian National University
  • Published: 2011

Indigenous people are far more likely to be discouraged from looking for work than other Australians. Understanding the determinants of what discourages particular workers has important implications for overcoming the…

Transitioning towards sustainable freight logistics in desert Australia: A framework for analysing options that meet economic, environmental and social demand

  • Authors: Ireland, M, Rola-Rubzen, MF
  • Publisher: Centre for Accounting, Governance and Sustainability, University of South Australia
  • Published: 2008

Kaplan and Norton’s Balanced Scorecard is a multi-dimensional performance management model. It can be effectively developed into a tool which supports evaluation of the sustainability of a range of options…

Red Dirt Schools: Connecting community and curriculum

  • Authors: Wooltorton, Sandra, Guenther, John
  • Published: 2015

There is much talk about the seemingly intransigent gap between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal educational outcomes across Australia. From a critical theoretical perspective, a new paradigm is needed to frame the…

Respecting Aboriginal people and their knowledge: Protocols for people involved in commercial bush foods enterprises, research and development with produce and knowledge from Central Australia

  • Authors: Wilson, L, Douglas, J, Walsh, F
  • Publisher: Desert Knowledge Cooperative Research Centre
  • Published: 2008

Respecting Aboriginal people and their knowledge: Protocols for people involved in commercial bush foods enterprises, research and development with produce and knowledge from Central Australia

Working with shared purpose to benefit the community and their health needs

  • Author: Ward, J
  • Publisher: National Rural Health Alliance
  • Published: 2017

The WA Primary Health Alliance (WAPHA), Country Primary Health Network (PHN) has been tasked with ensuring that health services delivered in their regions are required, equitable and affordable. The commissioning…

The influence of grazing management and total grazing pressure fencing on ground cover and floristic diversity in the semi-arid rangelands

  • Authors: C. Waters, G, Melville, A. McMurtrie, W. Smith, T. Atkinson, Y. Alemseged
  • Publisher: Australian Rangeland Society
  • Published: 2012

The contribution of non-domestic grazing pressure to pastoral areas of western NSW has been reported to increase grazing intensity by at least 50%. Any control of these external grazing pressures…

Early wet season burning and pasture spelling to improve land condition in the Victoria River District (NT)

  • Authors: Dionne Walsh, Sam Crowder, Boronia Saggers, Suzanne Shearer
  • Publisher: Australian Rangeland Society
  • Published: 2012

A new trial investigating wet season spelling (with and without early wet season burning) to improve land condition commenced on Delamere station in the Victoria River District (VRD) in 2010.…

Characterising the Interactions Between Unicast and Broadcast in IEEE 802.11 Ad Hoc Networks

  • Authors: Wang, JCP, Franklin, DR, Abolhasan, M, Safaei, F
  • Published: 2008

This paper investigates the relative performance of unicast and broadcast traffic traversing a one-hop ad hoc network utilising the 802.11 DCF. An extended Markov model has been developed and validated…

Tangentyere Remote Area Night Patrol

  • Authors: Walker, J, Forrester, S
  • Publisher: Australian Institute of Criminology and the Crime Prevention Branch
  • Published: 2002

Tangentyere Council is an Aboriginal, community-controlled resource agency, delivering essential services and programmes to 20 autonomous town camp communities in Alice Springs and the Central Australian region. These programmes and…

Transitioning of young Indigenous students into school – the experiences of parents and their children

  • Authors: Van Issumm, Harry, Klieve, Helen
  • Published: 2015

Education is recognized as a critical factor in children’s future life opportunities. However, there is a significant gap between the educational performance of Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australian children that perpetuates…

A better MBS for rural and remote Australians

  • Author: Usherwood, T
  • Publisher: National Rural Health Alliance
  • Published: 2017

Background: The MBS Review Taskforce is undertaking an independent clinician-led review of the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS). This is the first comprehensive review in 30 years of the 5,700 items…

Possibilities for collaborative, intercultural visual arts practice

  • Author: Taylor, Jennifer
  • Published: 2017

This paper reflects on my experience of intercultural collaboration in visual arts practice, during the last five years. This period includes doctoral research and three subsequent years of working on…

Can psychology student placements improve access to mental health services for Kimberley peoples?

  • Authors: Swain, Lindy, Correia, Helen, O'Donovan, Amanda, Yogayashwanthi, Yogaraj
  • Published: 2019

The numbers of suicide and self-inflicted injuries in the Kimberley are amongst the highest in Australia and are over 7 times higher than the state average. They are the leading…

Remapping the landscape of resilience: learning from an Arrernte teacher’s story

  • Authors: Strangeways, Al, Papatraianou, Lisa
  • Published: 2017

Resilience is central to helping teachers address the challenges of their profession. Most accounts, however, are limited by their uniform conceptualisation of resilience, failing to consider the impacts of context…

Economic evaluations of Indigenous healthcare programs in northern Australia: a review

  • Author: Stephens, Mike
  • Publisher: National Rural Health Alliance
  • Published: 2017

Background: Government healthcare spending for Indigenous Australians is higher than for non-Indigenous Australians yet it does not appear to be impacting health outcomes equitably, especially in more remote areas. The…

A collaborative approach in remote Aboriginal communities: why has telehealth worked in the Laynhapuy Homelands?

  • Authors: St Clair, Marianne, Murtagh, David, Kelly, John, Clark, Jeff, Wallace, Ruth, Ford, Linda Payi, Guthadjaka, Kathy Gotha
  • Published: 2019

Aim: The aim of the project was to demonstrate that telehealth could be successfully done with good quality reliable satellite internet for three very remote communities. Setting and participants: This…

Educating Australia’s isolated children

  • Author: Sinclair-Newton, J
  • Publisher: National Rural Health Alliance
  • Published: 2017

In our big beautiful country where the population is spread over vast and in places very remote areas, traditional educational services are not able to be provided to all students.…

Quantum innovation in measuring, monitoring and managing ecological function on large scales, reliably and affordably

  • Author: Simonds, G.
  • Publisher: Australian Rangeland Society
  • Published: 2010

This presentation discusses a pre-eminent concern of landscape level watershed management and introduces a tool developed to foster cost-effective stewardship. The need to accurately and quickly assess site potential and…

Understanding Connectivity of Settlements: Implications of the Power Curve

  • Authors: Seemann, K, Marinova, D
  • Publisher: Modelling and Simulation Society of Australia and New Zealand and International Association for Mathematics and Computers in Simulation
  • Published: 2009

Research on human settlements has traditionally focussed on one or a few descriptive or functional aspects, such as geographical characteristics of the locality, the economy, housing, transport, infrastructure, education or…

The Northern Grazing Systems Project: Estimating safe stocking rate

  • Authors: Scanlan, J.C., Whish, G.L., Pahl, L., Cowley, R.A., MacLeod, N.D.
  • Publisher: Australian Rangeland Society
  • Published: 2010

The Northern Grazing Systems project aims to increase adoption of innovative best-practice grazing management by beef producers throughout northern Australia. Four key areas requiring research, development and extension have been…

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