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Remote Australia is a vast and complex area. To create opportunity, foster social inclusion and drive economic development in this region, you need a comprehensive knowledge base to drive change.

Remote Australia Online is exactly that. It’s an online platform that delivers authoritative research on topics that impact this region and its people, including education and its pathways, policy, business, social and cultural welfare, infrastructure, communication and natural resource management.

Remote Australia Online is for those who want to delve deeper into the complexities of remote Australia: its intricate and interconnected networks, the geographical, social, cultural and environmental influences, its opportunities, challenges, and to understand just what makes this unique region tick.

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Breaking Through the Grass Ceiling: Women, Power and Leadership in Agricultural Organisations

  • Author: Alston, M
  • Publisher: Harwood Academic
  • Published: 2000

book represents a wide-ranging, rich tapestry of opinion and insight. It is clear that ideology and

Aborigines, tourism and development: The Northern Territory Experience

  • Author: Altman, J.C.
  • Publisher: Northern Australian Research Unit, Australian National University
  • Published: 1988

This monograph has been written with two main objectives in mind. The first is to present empirical data about the economic impact of tourism on Aboriginal communities in the Northern…

Law, Knowledge, Culture : The Production of Indigenous Knowledge in Intellectual Property Law

  • Author: Anderson, Jane E.
  • Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing Limited
  • Published: 2009

Law, Knowledge, Culture : The Production of Indigenous Knowledge in Intellectual Property Law

Arlathirnda Ngurkarnda Ityirnda: Being-Knowing-Doing, De-colonising Indigenous Tertiary Education

  • Author: Arbon, V
  • Publisher: Post Press
  • Published: 2008

The author delineates and elaborates on the dialects of a coloniser colonised interaction in tertiary education in a way that expands our understanding and opens many new questions and avenues…

Trauma trails, recreating song lines: The transgenerational effects of trauma in Indigenous Australia

  • Author: Atkinson, J.
  • Publisher: Spinifex Press
  • Published: 2002

Providing a ground-breaking answer to the questions of how to solve the problems of cross-generational trauma, Trauma Trails moves beyhond the rhetoric of victimhood, and provides inspiration for anyone concerned…

Arrernte Present, Arrernte Past : Invasion, Violence, and Imagination in Indigenous Central Australia

  • Author: Austin-Broos, D
  • Publisher: University of Chicago Press
  • Published: 2009

Introduction Pt. 1. Remembering the Mission 1. Encounter at Ntaria 2. Kaporilya, a Big Place 3. The Meaning of Pepe Pt. 2. Life as a Standing Fight 4. Home and…

A Different Inequality

  • Author: Austin-Broos, Diane
  • Publisher: Allen & Unwin
  • Published: 2011

A Different Inequality

Adapting to difference: another look at Aboriginal-western interactions

  • Author: Margaret S. Bain
  • Publisher: BookPal
  • Published: 2011

Contents: 1. Aboriginal-Western differences 2. Language 3. World view 4. Social relationships and interactions 5. Broader implications of the Aboriginal-western encounter

Improving indigenous completion rates in mainstream TAFE : an action research approach

  • Authors: Jo Balatti, Lyn Gargano, Martha Goldman, Gary Wood, Julie Woodlock
  • Publisher: NCVER
  • Published: 2004

Indigenous engagement with vocational education and training (VET) has improved significantly, but successful Indigenous completion rates are lower nationally when compared to the overall population. This report, based on an…

Creative Barkly: sustaining the arts and creative sector in remote Australia

  • Authors: Brydie-Leigh Bartleet, Naomi Sunderland, Sandy O’Sullivan, Sarah Woodland
  • Publisher: Creative Barkly
  • Published: 2019

There is increasing recognition that the arts and creative sector has a crucial role to play in supporting and sustaining communities in Australia’s remotest regions where the demographics and circumstances…

Incentives for sustainable land management: Community cost sharing to conserve biodiversity on private lands: A guide for local government revised edition

  • Author: Bateson, Paul
  • Publisher: Environment Australia and Environs Australia
  • Published: 2001

Across Australia, people working the land are taking the next steps toward sustainable land management. This is in response to widespread acknowledgement that poor native vegetation management is affecting the…

Developing Australia's regions : theory and practice

  • Authors: Beer, Andrew, Maude, Alaric, Pritchard, Bill
  • Publisher: University of New South Wales
  • Published: 2003

This is a book that recognises that regions matter - what takes place in our diverse regions

Achieving Social Justice: Indigenous rights and Australia’s future

  • Author: Behrendt, L.
  • Publisher: Federation Press
  • Published: 2003

This new work argues that a broad Indigenous rights framework is crucial to achieving positive change in the socio-economic disadvantage into which Indigenous Australians are born. It explains why addressing…

Culture in Australia: policies, publics and programs

  • Authors: Bennett, Tony, Carter, David
  • Publisher: Cambridge University Press
  • Published: 2001

Culture in Australia: policies, publics and programs

Assembling culture

  • Authors: Bennett, Tony, Healy, Chris
  • Publisher: Routledge
  • Published: 2011

If the social does not exist as a special domain but, in Bruno Latour's words, as 'a peculiar movement of re-association and reassembling', what implications does this have for how…

Remote Avant-Garde: Aboriginal Art under Occupation

  • Author: Biddle, Jennifer L.
  • Publisher: Duke University Press
  • Published: 2016

Remote Avant-Garde: Aboriginal Art under Occupation

Old and New Australian Aboriginal Art

  • Author: Black, Roman
  • Publisher: Angus & Robertson
  • Published: 1964

Old and New Australian Aboriginal Art

Models of Intervention at the Point of Crisis in Aboriginal Family Violence

  • Author: Blagg, H
  • Publisher: Domestic Violence Prevention Unit
  • Published: 1999

Models of Intervention at the Point of Crisis in Aboriginal Family Violence

Crime, Aboriginality and the Decolonisation of Justice

  • Author: Blagg, H
  • Publisher: Hawkins Press
  • Published: 2008

in Australia. The book argues that enhancing Aboriginal ownership and control over justice and

The Tyranny of Distance: How Distance Shaped Australia's History.

  • Author: Blainey, G.
  • Publisher: Sun Books
  • Published: 2001

When Blainey first wrote the title in 1966, he coined a phrase that has become part of our language. This acclaimed work of Australian history describes how the unique factors…

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