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Remote Australia is a vast and complex area. To create opportunity, foster social inclusion and drive economic development in this region, you need a comprehensive knowledge base to drive change.

Remote Australia Online is exactly that. It’s an online platform that delivers authoritative research on topics that impact this region and its people, including education and its pathways, policy, business, social and cultural welfare, infrastructure, communication and natural resource management.

Remote Australia Online is for those who want to delve deeper into the complexities of remote Australia: its intricate and interconnected networks, the geographical, social, cultural and environmental influences, its opportunities, challenges, and to understand just what makes this unique region tick.

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Built environments and cardiometabolic morbidity and mortality in remote Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory, Australia

  • Authors: Gal, Camille Le, Dale, Michael J., Cargo, Margaret, Daniel, Mark
  • Published: 2020

The health of Indigenous Australians is dramatically poorer than that of the non-Indigenous population. Amelioration of these differences has proven difficult. In part, this is attributable to a conceptualisation which…

Centralised versus outreach models of cystic fibrosis care should be tailored to the needs of the individual patient

  • Authors: Geake, James, Ballard, Emma, O'Rourke, Peter, Wainwright, Claire E., Reid, David W., Bell, Scott C.
  • Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd
  • Published: 2020

Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a common life-limiting genetic condition. As the disease progresses access to specialist tertiary multi-disciplinary care services may become necessary. For patients living in regional/remote Australia, accessing…

Social and economic factors, maternal behaviours in pregnancy and neonatal adiposity in the PANDORA cohort

  • Authors: Krista Longmore, Danielle, Laurel Mary Barr, Elizabeth, Barzi, Federica, Lee, I. Lynn, Kirkwood, Marie, Connors, Christine, Boyle, Jacqueline, O'Dea, Kerin, Zimmet, Paul, Oats, Jeremy, Catalano, Patrick, David Mcintyre, H., Brown, Alex D. H., Shaw, Jonathan E., Maple-Brown, Louise J.
  • Published: 2020

Background Australian Indigenous women experience high rates of social disadvantage and type 2 diabetes (T2D) in pregnancy, but it is not known how social factors and maternal behaviours impact neonatal…

A coalition of hope! A regional governance approach to Indigenous Australian cultural wellbeing

  • Author: Poelina, Anne
  • Publisher: Springer Singapore
  • Published: 2020

The Rainbow Snake is a universal Indigenous Australian living creature responsible for the creation and protection of waterways. Countless generations of traditional owners have cared for the sacred ancestral being;…

“So Did You Find Any Culture Up Here Mate?”: Young Men, “Deficit” and Change

  • Author: Adgemis, Philip
  • Publisher: Springer International Publishing
  • Published: 2020

This chapter addresses the reflexive dimensions of research with young Indigenous men in northern Australia. Adgemis charts his own realizations regarding Indigenous Australian stereotypes, violent realities of colonization and the…

Impact of legislative change on waiting time for women accessing surgical abortion services in a rural hospital in the Northern Territory

  • Authors: Belton, Suzanne, McQueen, Georgia, Ali, Edwina
  • Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd
  • Published: 2020

Background Women face challenges when accessing abortion, including varied legislation and reduced access to services in rural and remote settings. There are limited clinical guidelines in Australia and little information…

Writing as kin: Producing ethical histories through collaboration in unexpected places. Researching F.W. Albrecht, assimilation policy and Lutheran experiments in Aboriginal education

  • Authors: Ellinghaus, Katherine, Judd, Barry
  • Publisher: Springer Singapore
  • Published: 2020

This chapter explores the possibilities of relationality through collaboration between an Indigenous and non-Indigenous scholar. It describes an attempt to move beyond the problematic ways in which Indigenous history has…

Binaural processing and phonological awareness in Australian Indigenous children from the Northern Territory: A community based study

  • Authors: Sharma, Mridula, Wigglesworth, Gillian, Savage, Gemma, Demuth, Katherine
  • Published: 2020

Objective Research has found that otitis media (OM) is highly prevalent in Australian Indigenous children, and repeated bouts of OM is often associated with minimal-to-moderate hearing loss. However, what is…

Receiving essential health services on country: Indigenous Australians, native title and the United Nations Declaration

  • Authors: Creamer, S., Hall, N. L.
  • Published: 2019

Objectives The aim of the study was to investigate the public health challenge to provide chronic disease management to Indigenous Australians who wish to remain on traditional lands and not…

Cardiovascular disease prevention and rehabilitation in rural and remote populations

  • Authors: Gardiner, Fergus, Bishop, Lara, Foreman, Rachelle, Potter, Jane, Gale, Lauren, Laverty, Martin
  • Publisher: Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia
  • Published: 2019

Globally, cardiovascular disease (CVD) accounts for millions of preventable deaths each year. Based on 2014–15 data, more than 11 million Australians (47%) have at least one chronic condition, with people…

Declining soil transmitted helminth detections in an Australian tropical region

  • Authors: Hung, Te Yu, Janson, Sonja, Smith, Pam, Legg, Amy, Baird, Robert W.
  • Published: 2019

Summary Soil-transmitted helminths (STHs), are recognised neglected tropical diseases and have been endemic in patients in tropical Northern Australia. We reviewed the temporal trends in detections of STHs and Hymenolepis…

Talking skin: attitudes and practices around skin infections, treatment options, and their clinical management in a remote region in Western Australia

  • Authors: Amgarth-Duff, Ingrid, Hendrickx, David, Bowen, Asha, Carapetis, Jonathan, Chibawe, Robby, Samson, Margaret, Walker, Roz
  • Published: 2019

INTRODUCTION:Skin infections including scabies and impetigo have a high burden and cause significant morbidity in remote Aboriginal communities in Australia. Nevertheless, there is limited knowledge about community, healthcare practitioner and…

Targeted pre-emptive rabies vaccination strategies in a susceptible domestic dog population with heterogeneous roaming patterns

  • Authors: Hudson, Emily G., Brookes, Victoria J., Dürr, Salome, Ward, Michael P.
  • Published: 2019

Australia is free of canine rabies, however northern regions – such as the Northern Peninsula Area (NPA), Queensland – are at risk of an incursion from nearby rabies-infected Indonesian islands.…

Psychosocial care provision for terminally ill clients in rural Australian communities: the role of social work

  • Authors: Johns, Lise L., McAuliffe, Donna, Dorsett, Pat
  • Published: 2019

INTRODUCTION:Despite being one of the most avoided topics of all time, death is a guaranteed eventuality for us all. However, quality psychosocial care as death approaches is not a guarantee.…

Triodia veniciae (Poaceae), a new species from the Pilbara region, Western Australia

  • Author: Barrett, Matthew D
  • Published: 2019

Barrett, M.D. Triodia veniciae (Poaceae), a new species from the Pilbara region, Western Australia. Nuytsia 30: 221–228 (2019). The Australian hummock grass genus Triodia R.Br. is currently undergoing taxonomic revision…

Talking and writing to develop mathematical meanings in a remote Indigenous context

  • Authors: Harper, Helen, Parkin, Bronwyn
  • Publisher: Springer Singapore
  • Published: 2019

In this chapter we explore how teacher and student talk, as well as written text, helped to build meaning in a series of mathematics lessons in a remote Indigenous school.…

Embedding evidence-based practice into a remote Indigenous early learning and parenting program: A systematic approach

  • Authors: Cooke, Louise, Piers-Blundell, Averill
  • Publisher: Springer Singapore
  • Published: 2019

Engaging and empowering Indigenous families and their young children in quality early learning experiences through increasing parent knowledge and skill is critical to bridging the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous…

Birth outcomes in women with gestational diabetes managed by lifestyle modification alone: The PANDORA Study

  • Authors: Cheng, E., Longmore, D., Barzi, F., Barr, E. L. M., Lee, I., Whitbread, C., Boyle, J. A., Oats, J., Connors, C., McIntyre, H. D., Kirkwood, M., Dempsey, K., Zhang, X., Thomas, S., Williams, D., Zimmet, P., Brown, A. D. H., Shaw, J. E., Maple-Brown, L.
  • Published: 2019

Aims To assess outcomes of women in the Pregnancy and Neonatal Diabetes Outcomes in Remote Australia (PANDORA) cohort with gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) managed by lifestyle modification compared with women…

'Four boys Nga-Lerebina Ngana': Oracy and translanguaging in English and Ndjebbana

  • Authors: O'Mara, Joanna, Auld, Glenn, Djabibba, Lena
  • Published: 2019

In this paper we take on Green's (2017) orientation of the Australian Curriculum: English and consider what might it hold for the students of Australia. We set about analysing eighteen…

Compulsory income management: Combatting or compounding the underlying causes of homelessness?

  • Authors: Peterie, Michelle, Bielefeld, Shelley, Marston, Greg, Mendes, Philip, Humpage, Louise
  • Published: 2019

Compulsory Income Management (CIM) is a form of conditional welfare that involves the mandatory quarantining of a portion of welfare recipients’ social security payments. Quarantined funds are accessible via a…

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