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Remote Australia is a vast and complex area. To create opportunity, foster social inclusion and drive economic development in this region, you need a comprehensive knowledge base to drive change.

Remote Australia Online is exactly that. It’s an online platform that delivers authoritative research on topics that impact this region and its people, including education and its pathways, policy, business, social and cultural welfare, infrastructure, communication and natural resource management.

Remote Australia Online is for those who want to delve deeper into the complexities of remote Australia: its intricate and interconnected networks, the geographical, social, cultural and environmental influences, its opportunities, challenges, and to understand just what makes this unique region tick.

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From go to woe: Would a rabies incursion spread in northern Australia?

  • Authors: Ward, M. P., Brookes, V. J., Degeling, Chris, Gabriele-Rivet, V, Hudson, Emily G
  • Published: 2019

Northern Australia faces an increasing risk of a canine rabies incursion due to the eastwards spread of rabies across the Indonesian archipelago. Remote Indigenous communities in northern Australia are situated…

Making space for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community health workers in health promotion

  • Authors: Conte, Kathleen P, Gwynn, Josephine, Turner, Nicole, Koller, Claudia, Gillham, Karen E
  • Published: 2019

Despite a clear need, ‘closing the gap’ in health disparities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities (hereafter, respectfully referred to as Aboriginal) continues to be challenging for western health…

Trekking the desert: Following in the footsteps of tiny vagrants

  • Author: Dickman, Chris
  • Published: 2019

The famed explorer Charles Sturt was the first European to set eyes upon the sand dunes of the Simpson Desert, and was in no doubt about the harshness of the…

Breaking the Cycle: What Influences Do Families Have on Lower Primary School Students’ Attendance in Remote Communities?

  • Author: Ellis, Casey
  • Publisher: Springer Singapore
  • Published: 2019

Although parents and families have a significant influence on their child’s school attendance, teachers’ adoption of more culturally appropriate methods of engagement with the community is necessary. I do think…

Cost of dialysis therapies in rural and remote Australia – a micro-costing analysis

  • Authors: Gorham, G., Howard, K., Zhao, Y., Ahmed, A. M. S., Lawton, P. D., Sajiv, C., Majoni, S. W., Wood, P., Conlon, T., Signal, S., Robinson, S. L., Brown, S., Cass, A.
  • Published: 2019

Maintenance dialysis is a costly and resource intense activity. In Australia, inadequate health infrastructure and poor access to technically skilled staff can limit service provision in remote areas where many…

Trends in health workforce turnover and stability in remote Northern Territory communities

  • Authors: Russell, Deborah, Zhao, Yuejen, Ramjan, Mark, Guthridge, Steve, Wright, Jo, Jones, Mike, Humphreys, John, Wakerman, John
  • Published: 2019

Background: Delivering effective primary care to where it’s needed most—specifically remote Aboriginal communities—is hampered by high turnover and low stability of health clinic staff. This research investigates changes over time…

HTLV-1 is rare in Far North Queensland despite a significant burden of classically associated diseases

  • Authors: Smith, Simon, Russell, Darren, Horne, Peter, Hanson, Josh
  • Published: 2019

Summary Human T-lymphotropic virus type 1 (HTLV-1) is hyperendemic amongst Indigenous Australians living in Central Australia. The epidemiology of the disease is poorly defined in other parts of Australia, despite…

Learning from follow-up of student placements in a remote community: a small qualitative study highlights personal and workforce benefits and opportunities

  • Authors: Thackrah, Rosalie D., Thompson, Sandra C.
  • Published: 2019

The maldistribution of the Australian health workforce contributes to restricted accessibility and poorer health outcomes for rural and remote populations, especially Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians. Student exposure to…

Kimberley Transitions, Collaborating to Care for Our Common Home: Beginnings …

  • Authors: Wooltorton, Sandra, Toussaint, Sandy, Poelina, Anne, Jennings, Anne, Muecke, Stephen, Kenneally, Kevin, Remond, Jacqueline, Schipf, Arjati, Stredwick, Louisa
  • Publisher: Nulungu Research Institute
  • Published: 2019

This scoping paper is a preliminary introduction to the aspirations, interrelated literature and research involved in development of the Kimberley Transitions Project. Our focus is on Western Australia’s Kimberley region,…

Vaccine cold chain integrity in remote Australia

  • Author: Zalitis, Dianne
  • Published: 2019

Introduction: This paper will discuss innovations using existing social media infrastructures to provide an effective pregnancy and parenting service that meets the needs of rural and remote Australians, without any…

Remedying the misappropriation of genetic resources

  • Author: Blakeney, Michael
  • Publisher: Springer Singapore
  • Published: 2019

In the absence of an effective international legal regime to regulate biopiracy, a second-best solution is for source countries to regulate access to their genetic resources. Among the pioneering legislation…

Reviewing the extent of rural and remote considerations in elder abuse policy: A scoping review

  • Authors: Blundell, Barbara, Warren, Amy
  • Published: 2019

Objective To identify national and international research and literature focussed on policy responses to elder abuse in rural and remote communities to generate recommendations for Australian responses. Design Scoping literature…

“It's the people that keep me here”: Exploring the role of community attachment in increasing length of residency

  • Authors: Kanakis, K., McShane, C. J., Kilcullen, M. L., Swinbourne, A. L.
  • Published: 2019

The increasing transient population within rural and remote communities challenges the sustainability of regional Australia. Challenges to sustainability are particularly present for mining communities that have an increasing reliance on…

Lessons to be learned: Using national immunisation strategies to improve adherence to acute rheumatic fever secondary prophylaxis

  • Authors: Liaw, Joshua Y, White, Andrew V, Gorton, Susan, Axford-Haines, Louise
  • Published: 2019

Rheumatic heart disease, as a result of a single or recurrent episode of acute rheumatic fever (ARF), remains a significant cause of morbidity and mortality in northern and remote Australia;…

Framing northern Australian agriculture’s future

  • Authors: Noble, Keith, Dennis, Tania, Larkins, Sarah
  • Publisher: Springer Singapore
  • Published: 2019

This chapter frames Northern Australia’s possible agricultural future and considers the specific relevance of planet and people matters to the past, present and future of individuals involved in Northern Australian…

Bringing it together: The thread of fairness

  • Authors: Noble, Keith, Dennis, Tania, Larkins, Sarah
  • Publisher: Springer Singapore
  • Published: 2019

Disasters happen, and it is not only natural events that cause them; they can also be the product of social, political and economic environments. However, when talking about human-induced (and…

A fair go, a fair future

  • Authors: Noble, Keith, Dennis, Tania, Larkins, Sarah
  • Publisher: Springer Singapore
  • Published: 2019

That Northern Australia will not develop in the same historical manner as the more populated south is a reasonable assumption – it is different geographically, climatically and demographically, and further development…

Impact of a ketamine sedation protocol on intubation rates and undesirable outcomes in the transport of patients with acute behavioural disturbance

  • Authors: Shahtahmasebi, Roxanne, Johnson, Rich, Shahtahmasebi, Said
  • Published: 2019

Objectives To identify the effects of the introduction of a ketamine sedation protocol on the rates of intubation and adverse events associated with retrieval of patients with acute behavioural disturbance.…

Povidone-iodine ear wash and oral cotrimoxazole for chronic suppurative otitis media in Australian aboriginal children: study protocol for factorial design randomised controlled trial

  • Authors: Wigger, Christine, Leach, Amanda Jane, Beissbarth, Jemima, Oguoma, Victor, Lennox, Ruth, Nelson, Sandra, Patel, Hemi, Chatfield, Mark, Currie, Kathy, Coates, Harvey, Edwards, Keith, Smith-Vaughan, Heidi, Hare, Kim, Torzillo, Paul, Tong, Steven, Morris, Peter
  • Published: 2019

Chronic suppurative otitis media (CSOM) is a significant health issue affecting Aboriginal Australians. Long-term hearing loss can cause communication problems, educational disadvantage, and social isolation. Current standard treatment for CSOM…

Improving teacher education for better Indigenous outcomes: PREEpared – Partnering for Remote Education Experience

  • Authors: Anderson, Peter, Rennie, Jennifer, White, Simone
  • Publisher: Australian Government Department of Education and Training
  • Published: 2019

The PREEpared – Partnering for Remote Education Experience project (formerly known as Improving Teacher Education for Better Indigenous Outcomes) was an initiative seed-funded by the Department of Education (formerly the…

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