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Remote Australia is a vast and complex area. To create opportunity, foster social inclusion and drive economic development in this region, you need a comprehensive knowledge base to drive change.

Remote Australia Online is exactly that. It’s an online platform that delivers authoritative research on topics that impact this region and its people, including education and its pathways, policy, business, social and cultural welfare, infrastructure, communication and natural resource management.

Remote Australia Online is for those who want to delve deeper into the complexities of remote Australia: its intricate and interconnected networks, the geographical, social, cultural and environmental influences, its opportunities, challenges, and to understand just what makes this unique region tick.

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Economic Impacts of Salinity on Townsite Infrastructure

  • Author: Department of Agriculture WA
  • Publisher: Department of Agriculture WA
  • Published: 2001

This report summarises the findings from the investigation of the predicted economic impact of rising saline groundwater in six rural towns representing the range of situations found in the agricultural…

Social assessment in natural resource management institutions

  • Authors: Dale, Allan, Taylor, Nick, Lane, Marcus
  • Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
  • Published: 2001

Part I. Introduction to social assessment in natural resource institutions: [1]. Social assessment in natural resource management: promise, potentiality and practice Part II. Institutionalising social assessment in the global context:…

Incentives for sustainable land management: Community cost sharing to conserve biodiversity on private lands: A guide for local government revised edition

  • Author: Bateson, Paul
  • Publisher: Environment Australia and Environs Australia
  • Published: 2001

Across Australia, people working the land are taking the next steps toward sustainable land management. This is in response to widespread acknowledgement that poor native vegetation management is affecting the…

Negotiating Management

  • Authors: Baker, R., Davies, J., Young, E.
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press
  • Published: 2001

This chapter is an introduction to Part IV of the book on Negotiating Management. It provides a good overview of this topic before the other chapters are presented. Most of…

Chapters 7 & 8 - Monitoring fire regimes & Global trends and fire management

  • Authors: Grant Allan, Rodd Dyer, Andrea Johnson, Jeremy Russell-Smith, Cameron Yates, Garry Cooke
  • Publisher: Tropical Savannas CRC
  • Published: 2001

Every year thousands of square kilometres of grasslands in northern Australia go up in flames and smoke. Is it wanton destruction or part of the natural ecosystem of tropical savannas?…

White Law, Black Art

  • Author: Alexander,Isabella
  • Published: 2001

This article examines the issues surrounding the appropriation of indigenous culture, in particular art. It discusses the nature and context of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art in Australia in…

Improving diabetes care in the primary healthcare setting: a randomised cluster trial in remote Indigenous communities

  • Authors: McDermott, Robyn A, Schmidt, Barbara A, Sinha, Ashim, Mills, Phillip
  • Published: 2001

Objective: To evaluate a system for improving diabetes care in remote Indigenous communities. Design: Randomised, unblinded cluster trial over one year (1 March to 29 February 2000). Participants and setting:…

Telephone teaching: Towards constructivist teaching for rural and remote students

  • Authors: Finger, Glenn, Rotolo, Carolyn
  • Published: 2001

While many school systems are exploring the potential of new technologies, the reality for many rural and remote students in Australia is that they still rely upon High Frequency (HF)…

Web-based strategies for professional induction in rural, regional and remote areas

  • Authors: Herrington, A, Herrington, J
  • Published: 2001

Geographic and professional isolation take their toll amongst professionals, particularly within the first five years of practice in regional, rural and remote areas of Australia. The attraction and retention of…

Work practices of rural and remote physiotherapists

  • Author: Lorraine Sheppard
  • Published: 2001

Physiotherapists in rural and remote areas face challenges in their service delivery. The challenge is to provide accessible and comprehensive services to rural and remote Australians. Research was undertaken regarding…

The turmoil of Aboriginal enumeration: Mobility and service population analysis in a Central Australian community

  • Authors: Warchivker, I., Tjapangati, T., Wakerman, J.
  • Published: 2000

This paper documents Aboriginal population change and mobility over time in a remote community in central Australia. The movement of population has implications for service delivery and resource allocation. Aboriginal…

Beyond Charcoal Lane: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health managers: issues and strategies to assist recruitment, retention and professional development

  • Authors: Wakerman, J, Matthews, S, Hill, P, Gibson, O
  • Publisher: Centre for Remote Health
  • Published: 2000

Menzies School of Health Research (Alice Springs) Indigenous Health Program (University of Queensland)

Why Warriors Lie Down and Die

  • Author: Trudgen, R
  • Publisher: Aboriginal Resource and Development Services Inc.
  • Published: 2000

INTRODUCTION The Way It Is PART ONE: THE YOLNGU OF ARNHEM LAND CHAPTER 1: Wangarr’s Gift is Broken; The Fifty Year War; The Madayin; The Wind Traders; Table 1. Quantities…

Case studies in increasing the adoption of sustainable resource management practices

  • Authors: Shulman, Art. D., Price, Richard. J.
  • Publisher: Land and Water Resources Research and Development Corporation
  • Published: 2000

There is increasing recognition that the Australian rural sector needs to develop and implement sustainable agricultural practices. However, there are debates over what these practices might be, and how best…

Dingo Makes Us Human: Life and Land in an Aboriginal Australian Culture

  • Author: Rose, D.
  • Publisher: Cambridge University Press
  • Published: 2000

Dingo Makes Us Human: Life and Land in an Aboriginal Australian Culture

Settlement: A History of Australian Indigenous Housing

  • Author: Read, P.
  • Publisher: Aboriginal Studies Press
  • Published: 2000

This book traces the history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander housing from the multiplicity of shelters used in pre-invasion times to the extraordinary cottages built by Victorian missionaries, through…

Remote Area Indigenous Housing: Towards a Model of Best Practice

  • Authors: Minnery, J., Manicaros, M., Lindfield, M.
  • Published: 2000

This article analyses housing provision for Indigenous populations in remote communities, focusing particularly on the Indigenous Australian population. It uses a 'best practice' framework to do this. It then develops…

Pathways for Youth in Australia

  • Author: McKenzie, Phillip
  • Publisher: Australian Council for Educational Research
  • Published: 2000

The concept of 'pathways' has been a powerful organising idea in Australian education and training over the past 10 years. The imagery of the pathway, with its sense of order…

Minding Culture: Case Studies on Intellectual Property and Traditional Cultural Expressions

  • Author: Janke, Terri
  • Published: 2000

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) published a collection of practical case studies on the use of the intellectual property system by Indigenous communities in Australia written by Terri Janke.…

A field method for statewide ground-truthing of a spatial pasture growth model

  • Authors: Hassett, R. C., Wood, H. L., Carter, J. O., Danaher, T. J.
  • Published: 2000

This paper describes an innovative method, commonly referred to as ‘spider mapping’, that allows pasture biomass and related data to be collected over large areas in a timely and efficient…

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