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Remote Australia is a vast and complex area. To create opportunity, foster social inclusion and drive economic development in this region, you need a comprehensive knowledge base to drive change.

Remote Australia Online is exactly that. It’s an online platform that delivers authoritative research on topics that impact this region and its people, including education and its pathways, policy, business, social and cultural welfare, infrastructure, communication and natural resource management.

Remote Australia Online is for those who want to delve deeper into the complexities of remote Australia: its intricate and interconnected networks, the geographical, social, cultural and environmental influences, its opportunities, challenges, and to understand just what makes this unique region tick.

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Training, innovation and business performance : An analysis of the business longitudinal survey

  • Author: Dockery, A.M.
  • Publisher: National Centre for Vocational Education Research (Australia)
  • Published: 2001

This paper uses the Australian Bureau of Statistics' Business Longitudinal Survey to explore relationships between training, innovation, and firm performance for Australian businesses with less than 200 employees. The longitudinal…

Essays on regional economic development

  • Author: Coombs, Greg
  • Publisher: SA Centre for Economic Studies in association with Wakefield Press
  • Published: 2001

There is no doubt that globalisation is a major external influence on small regions. These essays show how small regions need not be passive players, swept away on the current…

The Tyranny of Distance: How Distance Shaped Australia's History.

  • Author: Blainey, G.
  • Publisher: Sun Books
  • Published: 2001

When Blainey first wrote the title in 1966, he coined a phrase that has become part of our language. This acclaimed work of Australian history describes how the unique factors…

Homeswest versus Aborigines: housing discrimination in Western Australia

  • Author: Beresford, Q.
  • Published: 2001

“Housing for Aboriginal families became a controversial issue in Western Australia during the 1990s as a result of an increasing number of evictions of those living in state housing properties.…

Indigenous Communities and Business: Three Perspectives 1998-2000

  • Author: Altman, J.C.
  • Publisher: Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research, ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences, The Australian National University
  • Published: 2001

This paper was presented at the 4th Doing Business with Aboriginal Communities Conference held in Alice Springs in February 1998. Conference presentations covered a great deal of material on Indigenous,…

Sustainable development options on Aboriginal land: The hybrid economy in the twenty-first century

  • Author: Altman, JC.
  • Publisher: Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research, ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences, Australian National University
  • Published: 2001

This discussion paper is a brief summary of a number of intellectual endeavours undertaken in 2001. First and foremost, it is an attempt to progress a research collaboration between the…

Response of a perennial grassland to nitrogen and phosphorus additions in sub-tropical, semi-arid Australia

  • Authors: Bennett, Lauren T., Adams, Mark A.
  • Published: 2001

Soils of arid and semi-arid Australia are typically low in both N and P relative to arid zones elsewhere. We examined relative limitations of N and P on productivity of…

Scale-dependent patterns of abundance and habitat use by cormorants in arid Australia and the importance of nomadism

  • Authors: Dorfman, E. J., Kingsford, R. T.
  • Published: 2001

We investigated the ways in which cormorants (Phalacrocorax spp.) acquire behavioural cues from unpredictable habitats in arid Australia, using 10 years of temporal data on abundance at one wetland, fine-grained…

Mental health issues for rural and remote Australia

  • Authors: Fiona K. Judd, John S. Humphreys
  • Published: 2001

The burden of mental health problems and disorders is high and rising both in Australia and globally. In response, the Commonwealth Government has moved to implement a national mental health…

Remote area Aboriginal Health Services managers: Key practice challenges

  • Author: John Wilson
  • Published: 2001

The following reflections on the author’s management practice are based on the text of an address given by the author at the 1999 International Conference of the Royal Australasian College…

Giving credit where it’s due: The delivery of banking and financial services to Indigenous Australians in rural and remote areas

  • Authors: McDonnell, Siobhan, Westbury, Neil
  • Publisher: Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research
  • Published: 2001

Australia’s financial system is undergoing a period of substantial structural change. A number of interrelated factors are implicated: changes in the competitive forces within the sector, the introduction of new…

Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Homicides in Australia: A Comparative Analysis

  • Author: Mouzos, J
  • Publisher: Australian Institute of Criminology
  • Published: 2001

This paper examines the similarities and differences between Indigenous and non-Indigenous homicides in Australia during an 11-year period. The findings suggest that the “typical” Indigenous homicide in Australia differed from…

Qualitative Research Interviewing

  • Author: Wengraf, T.
  • Publisher: Sage
  • Published: 2001

Pt. 1. Concepts and Approaches to Depth Interviewing. Interview 'Facts' as Evidence to Support Inferences to Eventual Theorisation Representation Models. Conceptual Frameworks for Studying and Inferring from (Research) Interview Interaction…

Australia's Regional Cities and Towns: Modelling Community Opportunity and Vulnerability

  • Authors: Stimson, R., Baum, S., Mullins, P., O'Connor, K.
  • Published: 2001

Economic restructuring over the last decade or so has created a wide diversity of positive and negative outcomes for regional cities and towns across Australia, evident through change in a…

Self-Assessed Health Among Indigenous Australians: How Valid Is a Global Question?

  • Authors: Sibthorpe, Beverly, Anderson, Ian, Cunningham, Joan
  • Publisher: American Public Health Association
  • Published: 2001

Objectives. This study assessed the validity of a global measure of self-assessed health among Indigenous Australians. Methods. Logistic regression was used to identify factors associated with self-assessed health in a…

Sustainable balance: a Yolngu framework for cross-cultural collaborative management

  • Authors: Robinson, C., Nanikiya, M.
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press
  • Published: 2001

This chapter claims that collaboative management based on the theory and practice of recognising indigenous local authority for resource management decision making, offers a valuable mechanism by which conventional geographical…

The Indigenous Welfare Economy and the CDEP Scheme

  • Authors: Morphy, F, Sanders, WG
  • Publisher: Australian National University
  • Published: 2001

In recent debates about the Indigenous welfare economy, the Community Development Employment Projects (CDEP) scheme has not been given the attention it deserves. It represents a major adaptation of the…

Rurality Bites: The Social and Environmental Transformation of Rural Australia

  • Authors: Lockie, S., Bourke, L.
  • Publisher: Pluto Press
  • Published: 2001

An overview of the extraordinary social, environmental, political and cultural changes and conflicts sweeping rural Australia. All too often, community decline, environmental degradation and agricultural restructuring are treated as separate…

Small Town Renewal: Overview and Case Studies

  • Authors: Kenyon, P., Black, A.
  • Publisher: Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation
  • Published: 2001

This publication is designed to assist others to learn from the experiences of fourteen of these towns, each of which has a population of less than 3,000 people. Whilst these…

From Ceremony to CD-Rom: Indigenous Creative Industries in Brisbane

  • Authors: Keane, Michael, Hartley, John
  • Publisher: Creative Industries Research and Applications Centre, Queensland Univeristy of Technology
  • Published: 2001

This report is a mapping survey of Indigenous Creative Industries in the Brisbane region. The principal aims of the project were: – To identify and map creative industries activity by…

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