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Resource Selection Decision Framework

Remote Australia Online is not simply a stockpile of remote Australia knowledge. It is designed to be a comprehensive first point of contact for remote Australia knowledge users.

As it is the first and only such resource of its type, included content must meet a number of criteria to ensure the platform remains both useful and valid. Resource quality and currency will be tracked through in-built data tracking functionality.

Content is aimed at users that may include political and economic decision makers, academics, journalists, new media specialists, and lobbyists involved in remote Australia work.

Anyone can submit a resource for consideration to be included provided it meets the following guidelines.

To be considered for Remote Australia Online, resources must be of specific relevance to remote Australia.

Relevant resources address one or more of the following:

  • Remote Australia residence
  • Remote Australia Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • Remote Australia industries including agriculture, mining, tourism, and the arts
  • Remote Australia health, wellbeing, and demography, including issues of remote youth, ageing, gender, Aboriginality and population mobility
  • Remote Australia social and economic issues including employment, education, community, inequality, violence, crime, justice and ethics.
  • Remote Australia natural resource management and environmental issues

If relevant, the resource must also be authoritative to be considered for inclusion. Authoritative resources meet one or more of the following conditions:

  • Originating from authors recognised for a body of publications in the field;
  • Published or reported in sources with a record of presenting dependable work;
  • Citing references that are credible and reliable;
  • Representing a significant, considered, objective investigation.

If relevant and authoritative, a resource is generally included in Remote Australia Online if it meets these criteria:

  • Available in full text, with URLs provided direct to sources
  • Comprehensive, treating the subject in a broad framework with broad relevance
  • Up-to-date, with an emphasis on more recent publications, and/or those being the most up to date authoritative work on the subject, whilst not eschewing significant historical works.


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