Stronger Communities for Children Storybook

Supporting Aboriginal people to build strong, independent lives, with a focus on safe and healthy children and their families.

Stronger Communities for Children Storybook

A Stronger Communities for Children Storybook has been published, showcasing a number of community projects developed as part of the initiative.

The Stronger Communities for Children (SCfC) initiative is a place-based community development program which aims to give Aboriginal children and young people in the participating Northern Territory communities the best possible start in life so that they grow up strong, healthy and confident.

SCfC aims to generate deep and durable systemic changes that will empower local people to give children the best possible start in life. The SCfC approach to impact assessment revolves around supporting people in participating communities to measure local changes resulting from the program. This approach enables local people to determine what a successful SCfC program looks like in their community, and directly addresses Closing the Gap Priority Reform Area 4 by building Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander expertise in collecting, using and interpreting data in a meaningful way.

These stories of positive local change have been captured and shared by six participating SCfC communities, and are now collated in the inaugural SCfC ‘Storybook’. The Storybook highlights both the approach taken to measuring local change, and the tangible outcomes of the SCfC program within community. These stories provide valuable local perspectives on the diverse range of activities Local Community Boards have chosen to target the specific needs and aspirations of their communities.

Download the SCfC Storybook (60 meg) or the SCfC Storybook Snapshot (6 meg) to read more about this project.