Evaluation panels

Evaluation panels – various agencies

Building on our rich history in research, we have joined several evaluation panels. These include:

  1. Australian Federal Police Capability Support Services Panel
  2. Australian Department of Jobs and Small Business, Research and Evaluation Services
  3. Australian Department of Social Services (DSS), Research, Evaluation and Data Panel
  4. Australian Department of Human Services, Market and Social Research Services
  5. Australian Department of Health, Remote and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Aged Care Service Development Assistance Panel
  6. Australian Department of Health, Program Reviewers and Evaluators Panel for Health Systems Financing and Evaluation Branch, Health Economics and Research Division, Australian Government
  7. Beyond Blue, Evaluation Services Panel
  8. Beyond Blue, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural consultant services panel
  9. Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Advisory Services Register for Agriculture, Inclusive Markets and Development Finance