Evaluation of the National Trachoma Health Promotion program – Indigenous Eye Health (IEH) Unit at the University of Melbourne

Trachoma is one of the major causes of preventable blindness in Australia, and Australia is the only developed country to have epidemic levels of the disease. It is found predominantly in remote and very remote communities. This project involved Ninti Aboriginal Community Researchers working with remote communities in the NT to run focus groups to discuss the importance of and response to messages about facial cleanliness and access to washing facilities in homes and other places in communities. Participating communities were in Ali Curung, Finke (Aputula), Lajamanu, Ntaria (Hermannsburg), Pukatja (Ernabella) and Warburton (Mirlirrtjarr) The Ninti Report led to the IEH being able to enhance the impact of the health promotion program on behaviour change in remote Aboriginal communities.