August 22, 2023

Ngukurr celebrates a decade of the Stronger Communities for Children program

The Stronger Communities for Children (SCfC) initiative is a place-based community development program which aims to give Aboriginal children and young people in the participating communities the best possible start in life. SCfC began in June 2013 and operates in 10 communities across the Northern Territory.

Ngukurr is located in south East Arnhem Land about 330km south east of Katherine. The community has been part of SCfC since its 2013 launch. To celebrate the program’s 10 years in the Ngukurr community, a booklet has been created to highlight the stories, achievements and outcomes. The booklet, which can be downloaded here, documents Ngukurr’s decade-long SCfC evolution. It is of particular benefit to anyone new to theStronger Communities for Children program, since it offers a written, visual track record of the program’s key accomplishments with a timeline describing what happened, how it happened and why it’s important.

Ngukurr’s Stronger Communities for Children program demonstrates when community leaders and local people in positions of authority are invested in bolstering the voice of the community, the best and most far reaching outcomes are realised. You can read more about Stronger Communities for Children here.