January 30, 2024


The Justice Reinvestment Helpdesk, facilitated by Ninti One, has been launched this week. The team will now be available to provide an accessible, central point of contact for applicant communities who wish to apply for the National Justice Reinvestment Program.

The Helpdesk can provide advice on how to approach the questions and assessment criteria and can assist with sharing guides and templates to guide the application writing process. The helpdesk cannot provide feedback on draft grant applications.

The Helpdesk can be contacted at 0460 036 155 or via

The Helpdesk will work alongside the Community Grants Hub Hotline. Please continue to refer any technical questions to the Hotline at 1800 020 283 (option 1) or via

*Please note using the Helpdesk does not guarantee a successful application. Helpdesk personnel are not involved in the assessment process for this grant opportunity and do not have any decision making authority.