September 21, 2017

Evaluation of the National Trachoma Health Promotion Programme

Ninti One was invited by Indigenous Eye Health (IEH) to conduct an evaluation of the Trachoma Health Promotion Programme (THPP).
The project evaluated the work of IEH at the University of Melbourne and its contribution to the goals of the National THPP in six remote Aboriginal communities in Central Australia (namely the tristate border region of South Australia, the Northern Territory and Western Australia).

The intent of the project was to identify community knowledge and perceptions of the THPP and what impact this knowledge had on the respondents and their actions. The outputs will be used by IEH and
others working in this field to continue the work of eliminating trachoma and to improve and develop future activities and initiatives.

Ninti One received approval from the Central Australian Human Research Ethics Committee (CAHREC) for this project.

Read the report here